Volpin Props | 3D Universe Untethered Episode 11

Volpin Props | 3D Universe Untethered Episode 11

Join co-hosts Jeremy Simon and Jen Owen of 3D Universe as they chat with Harrison Krix of Volpin Props! Learn how he and his team use 3D printing and laser cutting technology to bring their creations to life.

Harrison Krix is the owner and founder of Volpin Props, having started the business from a hobby while doing graphic design work. Harrison started doing prop-making as a Halloween activity. Some of his projects gotten a lot of attention on sites like Digg and Reddit, so people started hiring him for side-projects. Eventually, in 2011, he quit his job to focus on Volpin Props full-time.

3D printed props by Volpin Props

Based in Atlanta, they have a collective four decades of fabrication experience shared between all of their full-time staff. Since their founding in 2009 they have tackled projects from some of the largest names in the world of gaming. Their work has been seen on stage at the highest levels of Esport competitions and showcased at the largest conferences in the world.

Samples of props and awards created by Volpin Props

They strive for perfection in all that they produce – from intricate figurine sculptures to fifteen-foot tall dragons. Volpin Props believes that every element of a project carries critical weight and significance.

The company has continued to evolve over the last decade from one propmaker in his garage making kit helmets, to a full studio employing many talented artists. Volpin Props specializes in prop replicas and eSports awards for the videogame industry.

Follow Volpin Props on Instagram and Twitter and check out their website for more amazing creations!

Volpin Props | Video

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