Introducing the Mayku Multiplier Reducing Plate and Custom Mode!

Introducing the Mayku Multiplier Reducing Plate and Custom Mode!

3D Forming (Vacuum Forming & Pressure Forming)

Sep 26, 2023

The Mayku Multiplier is a desktop pressure former that 
can achieve sub-one-micron resolution in sheet thicknesses of up to 5mm. This technology combined... Read More

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Introducing the Drywise Inline Filament Dryer from Thought3D (Overview by 3D Universe)

Drywise serves to create higher-quality industrial 3D prints through the pre-treatment of printing filaments. Drywise was made for users of industrial desktop 3D printers who need on-demand, repeatable and reliable filament drying.

To learn more or to purchase a Drywise, visit this page.

Introducing the Mayku Multiplier Benchtop Pressure Former

Create high-quality parts in a matter of minutes with the Mayku Multiplier, a professional pressure 3D-forming machine for the desktop. Industrial power that allows you to scale at high speed and take full control.

For more information, visit this page.

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