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Experience all that 3D printing has to offer with 3D Universe, where we bring you a handpicked selection of 3D printers to supercharge innovation and creativity. Our collection includes trusted 3D printer brands that make FDM printers, high-resolution resin printers, and even specialized machines for ceramic and bio-printing. Each 3D printer in our lineup is chosen for its exceptional performance, precision, and ease of use with options that cater to complete beginners to professionals who use 3D printers for commercial applications. Whether you’re crafting intricate art projects, prototyping the next big thing, or testing the limits of design and production, we have the equipment you need.

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UltiMaker 3D Printers

From the recognized leader in quality and reliability

Get to Know the Ultimaker Family of 3D Printers

Ultimaker has a range of 3D printer solutions available to fit a wide variety of needs and budgets. Refer to our comparison page below to get a better understanding of how the different models stack up.

Enterprise Software Now Included

Ultimaker Essentials, now included with every Ultimaker 3D printer, gives you the tools you need to start 3D printing at work, while meeting IT requirements. With features including remote printer management, firmware firewalls, verified plugins, and direct software support.

3D Universe is thrilled to be an authorized seller of UltiMaker products. This collaboration is a reflection of our shared commitment to delivering exceptional quality and value. By partnering with UltiMaker, we're bringing their cutting-edge 3D printing technology to our customers, ensuring access to products that are not only top-tier in performance but also competitively priced. This alliance marks a significant step in our journey to provide the best in 3D printing solutions.

Educational and government discounts are available for qualifying organizations. To request a quote, add the items you're interested into your shopping cart, then go to the cart page and click on the "Request a Quote for Items in Cart" button.

UltiMaker S7 Family

3D Universe offers the UltiMaker S7, a top-tier desktop 3D printer, along with its range of accessories. Known for precision and versatility, the S7 features a flexible build plate, enhanced bed leveling, and a fully enclosed chamber for superior print quality. With advanced air filtration and compatibility with a variety of materials, it's perfect for professionals and discerning hobbyists.

UltiMaker S5 Family

The UltiMaker S5 is a professional-grade 3D printer known for its large 330 x 240 x 300 mm build volume and compatibility with over 280 materials. It features composite-ready dual extrusion and automatic bed leveling for consistently smooth layers. User-friendly and reliable, the S5 comes with a removable glass bed for easy part removal. With accessories like the Metal Expansion Kit, it is versatile and well-suited for prototyping and various creative tasks.

UltiMaker S3 Family

The UltiMaker S3, designed for any desk with its compact footprint, combines composite-ready dual extrusion with UltiMaker's latest technology. This powerful, user-friendly printer offers high-resolution printing, active bed leveling, and versatile material compatibility, making it ideal for professional 3D printing in small spaces.

UltiMaker 2+ Connect

Experience the convenience of remote printing with the UltiMaker 2+ Connect. Its straightforward, three-component setup ensures a quick and hassle-free connection, allowing you to start 3D printing almost immediately. The UltiMaker 2+ Connect also offers the flexibility to install multiple printers, effortlessly transforming your workspace into an efficient, mini-production hub.

UltiMaker Method Series

The UltiMaker Method Series combines the joy of creativity with high-end engineering. Designed for superior tool and component creation, these printers feature actively heated build chambers, a direct drive, and a rigid metal frame. They excel in 3D printing a specific range of engineering-grade materials with remarkable repeatability and dimensional accuracy, utilizing 1.75 mm filament.


MakerBot 3D Printers

Classroom 3D printing that scales to your classroom needs

MakerBot 3D printers stand out for their accessibility and performance. With their user-friendly design, they are a perfect fit for educators shaping young minds, businesses pursuing cutting-edge prototypes, and everyday enthusiasts looking to pick up 3D printing. These printers offer an intuitive experience, making the journey from concept to creation seamless for users at all levels, from classroom to boardroom.


MakerBot is a 3D printer brand that has kept education at the forefront of its goals. These 3D printers make it easy to test ideas and help students engage with the design process.


Embark on your 3D printing adventure with confidence, thanks to MakerBot's comprehensive resources. Understanding that 3D printing comes with a learning curve, MakerBot ensures educators, students, and all users have access to detailed guides, instructional videos, and dedicated support.


Transform your ideas into stunning 3D prints effortlessly with our cloud-based print preparation software, tailored for educational environments. This powerful yet user-friendly software bridges the gap between creative design and amazing 3D printed results, requiring minimal technical expertise.

Which Sketch Classroom Solution is right for you?

Compare Configurations and What's Included

Standard Classroom

The comprehensive 3D printer solution designed to accelerate learning and design-thinking.

3D printers
2 Sketch Standard
Student certification
10 seats
Educator certification
2 seats
Included material
6 spools
Combined build volume
410 inch³

Blended Classroom

This special two-printer classroom configuration provides the ideal set-up for 3D printing flexibility.

3D printers
1 Sketch Standard + 1 Sketch Large
Student certification
20 seats
Educator certification
2 seats
Included material
6 spools
Combined build volume
878 inch³

Large Classroom

Our largest 3D printer offering with printer training, curriculum and filament for the semester included.

3D printers
2 Sketch Large
Student certification
30 seats
Educator certification
2 seats
Included material
6 spools
Combined build volume
1,346 inch³

Bambu Lab 3D Printers

Bambu Lab 3D Printers

Bambu Lab 3D printers are changing the way users engage with 3D printing technologies. As recipients of Time Magazine's Best Inventions of 2022 and 3D Printing Industry Awards 2023 Desktop FFF 3D Printer of the Year, Bambu Lab sets a new standard in the industry. These printers are praised for their advanced AI-assisted printing capabilities, delivering precision and efficiency sought after by all 3D printing enthusiasts. The ultra-high printing speeds are ideal for both high-fidelity, rapid prototyping, and large-scale production of complete designs.


Flashforge 3D Printers

Flashforge 3D printers offer a reliable and versatile printing solution, suitable for everyone from hobbyists to small businesses and educational institutions. Known for their ease of use, these printers feature an intuitive interface, accommodating both beginners and experienced users. With a range of models to fit various needs, Flashforge provides quality printing with dependable customer support.


Dremel 3D Printers: DigiLab Collection

Welcome to the future of making.

Dremel, a brand well-known for its versatile tools, also extends its expertise to 3D printing. If you're familiar with Dremel's range of high-quality products but haven't explored their 3D printers, it's worth discovering what they offer. With various models designed to meet specific needs, Dremel's 3D printers are a natural extension of their commitment to reliable, user-friendly tools.


Raise3D 3D Printers

Industrial 3D Printing for Flexible Manufacturing

Discover Raise3D’s professional range of 3D printers with the Pro3 Series, Raise3D’s latest line of professional dual extruder 3D printers; the E2, a desktop 3D printer with independent dual extruders; and the E2CF, an IDEX 3D printer optimized for 3D printing carbon fiber-reinforced filaments.


Phrozen 3D Printers

Phrozen 3D printers excel in resin printing, delivering exceptional resolution that rivals injection molding quality. Utilizing advanced MSLA LCD Based Resin Printing Technology, these printers achieve ultra-fine detail at speeds up to 400% faster than conventional printers. Phrozen's focus on speed without compromising quality makes it a top choice for detailed projects.

3D Potter

3D Potter

The Only Dedicated 3D Ceramic Printers Using REAL CLAY!

The 3D Potter line of clay printers brings a touch of science fiction to your design process. Unlike typical 3D printers, they use a cardinal axis system for precise, effortless control. These printers stand out with their direct extrusion method, eliminating the need for high-pressure systems and air compressors. They work with thick clay, just slightly moistened, straight from the bag.

PotterBot Model Comparison

Recon Biotech

Recon Biotech 3D Printers

Bringing the power of 3D bioprinting to your students

The Recon Biotech TissueBot 3D Bioprinter is an innovative educational tool, particularly beneficial for researchers. Its modular design allows for versatility and adaptability in various research settings. With capabilities in bioprinting, it's ideal for advancing studies in tissue engineering and biological sciences, offering hands-on experience and enabling detailed exploration of complex biological structures and processes.

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