3D Potter - The Only Dedicated 3D Ceramic Printers Using REAL CLAY!

The 3D Potter line of 3D Clay printers have some unique features when compared to other 3D printers. They use a cardinal axis system, rather than a delta printer configuration. This allows for precise control with minimal effort. Most clay printers use a pressurized system using compressed air. 3D Potter printers use direct extrusion, so a high-pressure system is not needed. Unlike other machines that run using air compressors and hoses and need diluted clay or slip, 3D Potter extruders use thick clay. Basically, clay straight out of the bag with a small amount of water added. The 3D Potter extruders are also capable of rapid reversing (retraction) which provides the ability to stop and start during a print. This allows you to print more complicated shapes and vessels.

PotterBot Model Comparison

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