Digital Fabrication in Small Business

3D Printing, Laser Cutting and Vacuum and Pressure Forming are changing the Face of Small Business

Laser Cutters for Small Business

Laser cutting is a technology that is significantly benefiting small businesses in various industries. This precise and efficient method of cutting materials, such as metal, wood, or plastic, allows for the production of intricate designs with a high degree of accuracy.

It is particularly beneficial for small businesses as it enables them to produce high-quality products without the need for expensive tooling or large production runs. Laser cutting machines are also becoming more affordable and user-friendly, making them accessible to hobbyists who are interested in creating their own small businesses.

These machines not only allow the user to create their own deisgns but opens up doors for small businesses who mainly focus simply on personalization of already existing products.

3D Printing for Small Business

3D printing is proving to be a game-changer for small businesses, offering them a variety of different ways to innovate and compete. This technology allows small businesses to produce prototypes quickly and cost-effectively, enabling them to test and refine products without the need for expensive manufacturing runs. It also allows for the production of customized and niche products on a small scale, something that was previously economically unfeasible with traditional manufacturing methods.

Furthermore, 3D printing can reduce inventory costs, as businesses can print products or parts on-demand, rather than storing large quantities. This not only saves space but also reduces the risk of unsold inventory. Additionally, the ability to use a variety of materials, including eco-friendly ones, opens up new markets for small businesses. Thus, 3D printing is empowering small businesses to innovate, customize, and compete in ways that were previously only possible for larger companies.

Vacuum and Pressure Forming for Small Business

Vacuum and pressure forming are playing a significant role in aiding small businesses. These processes, which involve shaping plastic sheets into specific forms using vacuum or pressure, are cost-effective and efficient, making them ideal for small-scale production. They allow for the creation of a wide range of products, from packaging to finished products.

Unlike other manufacturing methods, vacuum and pressure forming do not require expensive molds or tools, reducing upfront costs. They also offer quick turnaround times, enabling businesses to respond swiftly to market demands. Furthermore, these processes are relatively easy to operate and maintain, making them accessible to small businesses with limited resources. Thus, vacuum and pressure forming are providing small businesses with a practical and affordable solution for producing high-quality plastic products.

Laser Cutting, 3D Printing and Vacuum Forming in Small Business

Women Owned Tactile Craftworks Using Laser Cutters to Start Own Business

Tactile Craftworks is a woman-owned and operated leather crafting company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Sarah and Anna have been collaborating together since 2008 where they met at a theater prop shop. They eventually participated in a theater meet and greet at the Milwaukee Discovery World Maker Space and were able to try using laser cutters for the first time and ultimately fell in love with laser cutting technology.

Traditional Artist and Craftsman Learns About Digital Fabrication

Learn how traditional artist Bryce Carter of Carter Craftwork has been using laser cutting, 3D printing, and vacuum forming to produce his original hand made designs more efficiently and improve the profitability of his own start-up small business after learning the company he iwas working for had shut down due to COVID.


Cosplay, Costuming and e-Sports Awards with Volpin Props

Volpin Props has evolved over the last decade from one propmaker in his garage making kit helmets, to a full studio employing many talented artists. Volpin Props specializes in cosplay costuming, prop replicas and eSports awards for the videogame industry.


Culinary 3D Printing with Sugar Lab


The Sugar Lab is the world's first true digital bakery. It is run by a small team of creative rogue chefs, architects-turned-designers, and tech-minded geeks in East Los Angeles. Their chefs imagine something amazing, their designers turn those ideas into a 3D model, and their kitchen 3D prints it and brings it to life!



Creating Custom Packaging with the Mayku FormBox

Creating custom packaging for short runs of products can be expensive. Often times, even if you only need 50 finished pieces produced, you must pay for hundreds of units that you will not even use. Many companies require a minimum number to do a production run for you and most of the cost boils down to set up fees (usually about 80%) and not the actual packaging produced. Desktop Vacuum and Pressure forming is changing that.


Benefits of Thermoforming for Small Business

The Mayku Multiplier, a desktop pressure former, offers this industrial-grade technology in a compact form. It's capable of working with materials up to 5 mm thick and heating them to 225°C, producing parts with less than 1μm resolution.

Using the Mayku Muliplier, you can produce copies of 3D printed parts using high-grade polymers that are more suitable for end-use products. This offers a powerful and affordable means of scaling up production.

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