Everything You Need to Know About the Mayku FormBox

Everything You Need to Know About the Mayku FormBox

What is the Mayku FormBox?

The Mayku FormBox brings ideas to life by giving you the power to easily create 3D objects. Industrial designers and craft makers are no longer restricted by time, price, and accessibility in the making process.

Powered by any standard vacuum cleaner or shop-vac, the Mayku FormBox works with a multitude of materials to create unique and innovative projects. Bringing imagination to life, the FormBox is an essential element in building a 3D printing workshop.

How Does It Work?

A student using the Mayku FormBox to create a model for arichitecture

Start by creating an original design or chose a pattern from our extensive online library. Place the design on the bed of the unit and watch as your vision is molded into a 3D shape in seconds. Dozens of replicas can be made quickly and easily.

The desktop vacuum former allows plastic sheets to be created into any desired shape. The indicator light will illuminate when the material reaches the desired temperature, turning on the vacuum to create the form. The high airflow mesh on the forming bed provides for detailed textures, offering the power to replicate many different finishes. The created mold can be used to cast hundreds of versions of the project, using a wide range of clever materials.

Ease of Use with 3D Printers

Combine an Ultimaker 3D Printer with a Mayku FormBox for optimal productivity
The Mayku FormBox is the perfect partner to any 3D printer. SLA, SLS, or FDM printers are all compatible. Traditional 3D printers can take hours, if not days, to create an object. The Form Box is capable of making copies of 3D prints in just seconds. This time-saving technology helps to streamline the production process, allowing more time to focus on creativity.

The Mayku online library of projects provides downloadable STL files for ease of operation. Working in combination with 3D printers, the Form Box can create objects that can be used for molds. The possibilities are endless!

Educational Use of the Mayku FormBox

small terrariums created with a Mayku FormBox
With small budgets and limited space, schools are hard-pressed to come up with new and innovative technology to keep children interested. The Mayku FormBox gives teachers the necessary tools needed to get kids excited about making projects. Hundreds of educators, worldwide, have discovered the effectiveness of the FormBox to teach STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) subjects.

This powerful, portable learning tool has helped students become creatively engaged in a fun and productive way. They are encouraged to turn their ideas into amazing products they can be proud of. Schools are finding the Mayku FormBox to be a desirable piece of equipment due to the user-friendliness, low cost, and ease of portability.

For a minimal cost, teachers can reproduce customized, reusable molds in minutes. The Form Box can be used with a wide variety of easy-to-handle, inexpensive materials. There are no pre-set instructions to follow, giving students the power to create, modify, and fabricate unique projects. Practically anything can be used as a template, making it one of the most flexible tools in the Edu Tech space today.

Advanced Educational Use of the Mayku FormBox

Example of a Mayku FormBox model in a classroom
Mayku is working with schools around the world to develop ways to integrate the FormBox into classrooms. Top universities such as MIT, Princeton, and Cambridge are interested in furthering education by extending the use to high-level research. The current focus is on students aged 8 to 13, however, Mayku plans to develop hands-on curricula for higher grade students.

They are currently working with educators to produce an online teaching portal, Mayku Teach. Tailored lesson plans and instructional videos will be made available to educators. This will allow students to become actively engaged in STEAM curriculums. Understanding the cost-effective business aspects of product design, technology, and manufacturing can be explored.

Commercial Use of the Mayku FormBox

Designing a 3D printed mold for the Mayku FormBox
The Mayku FormBox can also be used outside of the classroom. It offers a small footprint with a lot of power. Product designers, architects, and model makers will wonder how they ever lived without it. The capability of creating high-quality product prototypes allows professionals the freedom to work quickly and within budgets. Suddenly, their client's vision is being shared in real life.

Connected to a 3D printer, the Mayku FormBox can rapidly form professional models from any studio. The smooth Form Sheets offer a professional, silk finish every time. Cast Sheets can create reusable molds that utilize a range of pourable materials. Resin, plaster, and even chocolate can be accommodated. Custom-fit product packaging can be made with just the touch of a button. The Mayku FormBox requires a space no larger than a laptop, giving businesses the advanced manufacturing technology they need in a desktop environment.

Small Business Owners and Hobbyists

Mayku FormBox used to create chocolates and packaging
Craft business owners love the ease of use and simplification of the 3D printing process. They can establish product lines as needed, without having to outsource large quantities from other sources. At-home craft enthusiasts can create simple forms by using everyday household items.

Utilizing other machines, including laser cutters and 3D printers, serious hobbyists can build complex creations with ease. Hand-made chocolates, soaps, and candles are just a few of the things that can be brought to life with the Mayku FormBox.

Visit our blog story “Making a Custom Chocolate Mold with the Mayku FormBox” for video and instructions!

Fighting COVID-19 With a Mayku Formbox

A COVID-19 face mask created with a Mayku FormBox

While the 3D printing community has stepped up to help provide PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) like face shields, masks and ear savers for front line workers and our healthcare heroes, the smaller Mayku Community also jumped right in to the cause.

For the past few months, Mayku FormBox users have been self-organizing online to design and manufacture supplies of masks and other PPE for those that need it.

You can read about some of these great stories in our blog “Fighting Covid-19 with Mayku FormBox masks.”

Contents of the Mayku FormBox

Image showing what is inside of the Mayku FormBox package
Everything that you need to get started is included in the kit, that can be purchased for $699.00. Free shipping is included in the U.S. and a 2-year warranty is offered. Contents include:

  • Mayku FormBox
  • Vacuum Adapter Hose
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Sample Molding Objects
  • 25-pack of Forming Sheets
  • 25-pack of Casting Sheets (food safe)

3D Universe is currently authorized to only sell this product in the United States and South America.

Commitment to Building a Sustainable Future

Mayku FormBox plastic is recyclable.
Mayku believes in working towards a sustainable future where people are empowered to create, not just consume. The environmental impact of their product line is constantly being assessed.

They use recyclable materials in producing Mayku Sheets and they are 100% household recyclable. They are aggressively researching ways to develop fully compostable plant-based plastics and are working on turning waste materials back into useful product components.

Contact us today to learn more about putting the power of creating in your hands with the Mayku FormBox.

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