Treefrog Layer Height Comparison

Treefrog Layer Height Comparison

These layer height comparison prints were very interesting. Doing this was helpful not only for testing and calibration but also because it shows the difference in print quality when using different layer heights. The one printed at .34mm has visible layers and misses tiny details like the frog's nostrils. The one printed at .05mm looks and feels smooth and shows even the tiniest of details.

Of course, there's a trade-off between quality and print speed. The print times for the layer height comparison were as follows:

0.34mm layer height: 28 min
0.27mm layer height: 39 min
0.10mm layer height: 1 hr 24 min
0.05mm layer height: 2 hrs 54 min

The model for the Treefrog Comparison Plate can be found here: (model credit: Dr. Konrad Walus)

The model for the Treefrog can be found here: (model credit: MorenaP)

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