Halloween 3D Prints, Laser Cut and Thermoformed Designs!

Halloween 3D Prints, Laser Cut and Thermoformed Designs!

It's spooky season again and the perfect time to fire up your 3D printers, thermoformers and laser cutters to make some creepy, frightening, haunting, interesting and sometimes cute decorations, costumes and wearables for your Halloween adventures this year!

Below we have compiled a list of some fun files you can check out to make for yourselves, family, friends or guests and get your creative wheels turning!

3D Printed Halloween Creations

We have compiled a collection of some of our favorite 3D printed files for Halloween themed designs that we have come upon this year to share with you!

Most can be either printed in multiple colors or painted after printing!

Spider Pumpkin

3D printed pumpkin spider transformer

First up! It's a pumpkin...it's a spider...wait! It is both! 

This cute little Halloween Pumpkin Spider Transformer file can be 3D printed either in multiple colors or painted later to use as a fun decoration or some funky little halloween party favors!

Designer: Megawilbot
Where to find it: Thingiverse.

Skull lamps - Voronoi Style

Skull lantern making interesting light patterns on the wall through the holes

This beautiful skull lamp was a remix from a solid skull print and turned into a gorgeous Voronoi style dislpay. Pop some led lights inside and sit back in your lair, dungeon or living room and relax or place near the front steps for some spooky lighting when your trick-or-treaters stop by!

Designer: Shiuan
Where to find it: Thingiverse

Thumbtack Mountable Reaching Wall Hands

3D printed creepy hands coming out of the wall for halloween decorations

All of these reaching hands can be 3D printed using 0% infill making them much lighter for wall mounting. Each file comes with a base that has premade cutouts for thumb tacks.

Use on your walls or your tables near the candy dish!

Designer: Forge F0r63
Where to find it: Thingiverse

Jack O'Lantern with Snap On Faces

3D printed jackolantern with snap on interchangeable faces

This design for a Jack O'Lantern gives you multiple interchangeable faces to switch out as you please without having to 3D print multiple full pumpkins. The faces print out flat so they are much easier to create and do not need support material.

If you get a good set of lights inside, you can accomplish great projections from both the front and back of the pumpkin!

Designer: Trevor Hjelmfelt
Where to find it: Thingiverse

Cute Skull Lamp Army

Cute colorful 3d printed skull lamps

This adorable skull lamp makes for a fun project for those who like a more hands on creative process. 

3D Print with see-through colorful filaments or paint a clear filament to create a rainbow skeleton army for your home or party.

You will need some ultra bright white LEDS, some AA batteries and could possibly need to do some wire bendng and soldering as well as busting out the handy-dandy glue gun for this project but it will be worth it! The designer has provided some great step by step instructions for you too!

Designer: Rayjizza
Where to find it: Printables

 Laser Cut Halloween Decorations and More

Laser cutters have really opened up all kinds of opportunities to step up your decoration, centerpiece, party favor, costume idea game and this year we thought we would share a few of our favorite designs with you!

Spooky Pumpkin and Musical Skeleton Trios

laser cut trios of pumpkin men and musical skeleton decorations

These sets of "3 Amigos" Pumpkins or Skeletons are sure to liven up any Halloween party or office! Set them up on your mantle for some fall whimsy or place them on the porch near the candy dish! These trios are sure to be a few oohs and ahs from your guests! 

You'll need a touch of glue and some 3mm - 1/8in plywood for these fellas!

Designer: Laserfuntime
Pumpkin Men: Get File
Musical Skeletons: Get File

Coffin Candy Boxes

laser cut coffins for holding candy bars for Halloween treats and parties

These little candy coffin boxes are perfect for your Halloween Parties as take-aways or engraved with guests names for a sweet little place setting at the dinner table! 

They come in 2 sizes and the lid is hinged with ample room to include engraved personalized messages. The smaller one will hold 2 fun sized candy bars while the later can be used as a candy dish.

Designer: TimberlandCNC
Where to get file: Etsy

Halloween Cat Witch

Laser Cut halloween witch cat design

This fun, boho style cat witch design is purrfect to add to your Halloween decor this year! This layered design gives you ample opportunities to get creative with color whether that is using multiple stained woods, paint or glittering her up!

Make a few and invite some friends over for a painting and crafting party!

Designer: Winetopia
Where to find the file: Etsy 

Haunted Houses

Laser cut 3d haunted house halloween decoration designs

These two haunted house designs are a great addition to your Halloween centerpiece decor! 

Whether you are interested in a spooky boarded up house to build or a layered scene, both of these designs are sure to be the talk of your party!

Use different colors and types of wood or paint them to your liking!

Boarded up Haunted Mansion Designer: EconstructorDigital
Where to find the file: Etsy

Layered Haunted House Scene Designer: Tackoroko
Where to find the file: Etsy

Laser Cut Earrings 

Cute ghost and bat laser cut earring designs for Halloween

Are you looking for a fun way to spice up your Halloween party attire? Check out these 3 laser cut earring designs!

Maybe you want to send subliminal messages about how you REALLY feel about your job at the work party or maybe you want something cute and "bootiful" to wear for some holiday cheer!

Laser cut horror movie knife designs for halloween

Either way, here are a few great designs to choose from!

Cute Boho Flower Ghost Designer: Juneandjelly
Where to find the files: Etsy

Cute Halloween Bats Designer: RefinedSVG
Where to find the files: Etsy

Horror Movie Earring Bundle Designer: Bluechicbyvy
Where to find the files: Etsy

3D Forming and Thermoforming Halloween Ideas

The Mayku FormBox vacuum former  and Makyu Multiplier Thermorforming machine can be used to create all kinds of wonderful things, including soaps, masks, costume pieces, treats and candles in fun Halloween shapes. 

Thermoformed Masks

Thermoformed Tiki mask for Halloween

Many of us remember those years roaming around the neighborhood with costumes we begged our parents for that came with thermoformed and vacuum formed plastic masks with tiny sharp eye holes you could barely see out of, but that would slice you like Freddy Krueger at bedtime if you put your fingers or nose through!

Now you can make those at home with your very own vacuum forming or thermoforming machines, some 3D printed or clay forms and a lot of fun!

The Tiki man mask above was created by Bob Knetzger for Make Magazine.

Food Molds for Spooky Treats!

 Food molds created with the Mayku Multiplier thermoformer for halloween

Did you know you can create fun treat molds with the vacuum and thermoforming machines? Get creative and make your own designs and have your Halloween Party potluck contributions stand out from the rest!

Pumpkin Candles

Pumpkin candles created with a Mayku FormBox vacuum former for Halloween

These pumpkin candles were created using a real mini pumpkin and formed into a mold for candle wax! 

Check it out!

We hope this has given you some ideas to get your squeaky wheels turning and get yourself started on some fun designs for your Halloween adventures this year!

For more information on 3D printers, laser cutters and thermoforming machines, please visit our shop at shop3duniverse.com!


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