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A collaboration of organizations, which includes NASA Nebraska Space Grant, Copper3D, the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and the University of Nebraska Biomechanics Center, is running an Open Innovation Contest in October this year that will challenge participants in high schools worldwide to design medical devices and tools for use in space.

We are always excited to see new 3D printing design challenges that invite students to dig deep and find out just how powerful their ideas and imaginations can be. The International Antimicrobial Space Challenge for high school students during the NESCIFEST 2019 Invent-a-thon will do just that.

Antimicrobial Space Challenge image of the international space station
Photo: Inernational Space Station – NASA

Students will be challenged to design and prototype antimicrobial 3D printed solutions that can be used in space exploration. They will be asked to create innovative designs to be used for astronauts in deep space hibernation pods, medical splints for fractured bones and personalized wearables with bio-sensors.

“Mankind is accelerating its exploration of space and our universe at an increasingly rapid pace. Manned habitations such as the International Space Station have been in existence for over 20 years now.

We are on the cusp of starting to launch manned deep space exploration missions. However, there are many challenges to overcome related to prolonged existence in space stations and transport vehicles to ensure our pioneers are able to live and operate in clean and safe environments.

Environments like the ISS can harbour and nurture dangerous bacteria that can be detrimental to humans, where already astronauts experience issues with reduced immune deficiency.”


Information About The Challenge

International Anti-microbial space challenge information
Photo: https://www.antimicrobialspacechallenge.com/

High school students anywhere in the world are invited to participate in this challenge to create 3D printed medical devices or tools that can be used in space. Visit this page to register your team today!

Copper3D, an innovative Chilean 3D Printing material company, has developed an advanced nano-composite Antimicrobial 3D printing filament. This material is suitable for the creation of medical devices and tooling that could be used to mitigate the risk to astronauts who are living and working in space.

The potential application for this material is only just beginning to be realized. The Challenge is for participants to think, design and present ideas for medical devices and space tools that could benefit space travelers in their day to day lives in space.

The medical devices will then be presented to a panel of judges.

Medical devices
This could include for example, a 3D printed Anti-microbial finger splint, a catheter, or another device that may be used in close contact with a person where the risk of infection is high.

Space tools
On-board 3D printers in space habitats offer many advantages, from reducing payload weights for rockets to reach orbit, to being able to rapidly manufacture or repair broken tools and parts.

This could include tools such as pistol-grips or harness fixings that require a high degree of strength.

Source https://www.antimicrobialspacechallenge.com/FAQ/

For more information, registration and complete rules, please visit their website or email: unmcevents@unmc.edu.

Antibacterial Thermoplastics

Copper 3D antibacterial filaments used in Space

Here at 3D Universe, we’re proud to announce that we carry these antibacterial filaments produced by Copper3D.

Their portfolio consists of materials that are scientifically tested in microbiology laboratories and able to pass the most demanding mechanical tests.

Copper 3D antibacterial filament examples

PLACTIVE AN1(tm) is an innovative Nanocomposite developed with a high quality PLA and a patented, scientifically validated and highly effective Nano-Copper additive. This unique combination of technologies brings the following characteristics to Copper3D products:

  • Antibacterial action that has been scientifically validated eliminating more than 99.99% of fungi, viruses, bacteria and a wide range of microorganisms.
  • Antibacterial properties confirmed by two microbiology laboratories in Chile and USA.
  • Clinically tested in prosthesis for amputees with excellent results.
Copper 3d Antibacterial Thermoplastics sale
On sale through October 31st

We are offering a 10% off discount on Copper3D until the end of October for anyone that is interested in testing this material out or who would like to use it for this contest!

If you purchase your materials through 3D Universe and create a design for this challenge, please make sure to tag us in your social media posts with #3duniverse so we can see what you have created!

If you are an educator that is interested in having your students participate, please join our new 3D Universe Educators Exchange Community and share what your students are making!

We would love to feature our customers on our website and blog who will be taking up this challenge!

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