3D Printing to Help with the Coronavirus Pandemic

3D Printing to Help with the Coronavirus Pandemic

We here at 3D Universe have been part of the e-NABLE volunteer community since the beginning. We have thousands of volunteers around the world with 3D printing capabilities, using that technology to help others. Historically, this has mainly been in the form of free prosthetic devices, but now we have a big opportunity to help with the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting shortage of medical supplies.

We are working hard to explore options and figure out how our 3D printing community can best help people in need. If you have a 3D printer and are interested in helping out, please join our discussion on the e-NABLE Hub, here. Another useful resource is the Open-Source COVID19 Medical Supplies Group on Facebook.

If you have a 3D printer and want to help out, there are two areas we recommend focusing on – face shields and respirator masks.

Face Shields

Budmen Industries and IC3D have created a design for a 3D printable face shield which is now NIH approved. You can find the files here.

There are many hospitals in desperate need of protective gear like this, so please help us to produce as many of these as possible.

Respirator Masks

3D Universe founder, Jeremy Simon, has been working closely with a very talented group of individuals based out of University at Buffalo in New York. The group includes medical professionals, engineers, materials experts, compliance folks, and others. Together, they’ve come up with an improved version of the popular Montana Mask design that offers some nice improvements.

The BECMv1 (Buffalo/e-NABLE Crisis Mask) is a derivative work focused on design changes to improve fit for a variety of individuals and to improve sealing of the mask and face (i.e. minimize leakage). Effort to date has focused on identifying materials and sizes.

Please see the following video for an overview:

STL files for this design can be downloaded from these sites:

Instructional documentation and links to assembly material sources can be found here.

We’re offering discounts on 3D printer filament for anyone interested in printing face shields or respirator masks for donation. Email us at info@3duniverse.org for details.

Stay tuned to this blog page for further updates…

Consider making a donation to help those who are 3D printing protective gear for donation. 3D Universe has already sent free filaments to dozens of groups working on producing and donating protective equipment for our medical workers. Your donation will help us to support more of those groups and individuals.

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