3D Printing Materials | Roundtable Discussion

3D Printing Materials | Roundtable Discussion

3D Universe recently teamed up with Ultimaker and Terrafilum Engineered Filaments to host a round table discussion about the numerous 3D printing materials options that are available to makers!

In this session from our virtual conference in April, Jeremy Simon (3D Universe), Matt Griffin (Ultimaker), and Chris Jackson (Terrafilum) share which materials are available for use in 3D printing, how they perform, and what they are commonly used for. Learn about what makes the difference between high-quality materials that yield consistently good results and other lower-quality materials available on the market.

Are you still printing with PLA? Expand your horizons and learn about all of the other exciting material options available for 3D printing! Materials have come a long way in recent years, and even the more advanced materials are a lot easier to print than they used to be.

Learn about the many advanced engineering-grade materials and composite materials available to use for which projects, which materials are recommended for e-NABLE 3D printed hands and arms or PPE for healthcare heroes and much more!

Resources Mentioned in this Video:
3D Universe Materials Collection
3D Universe Filament Guide
3D Universe Terrafilum Materials

Eco-friendly Materials with Chris Jackson | Terrafilum

In this video session, Chris Jackson, President, Terrafilum Engineered Filaments, will discuss how his company develops 3D printing materials that are high performance and environmentally friendly.

3D Printing Materials Overview with Matt Griffin | Ultimaker

In this video session, Matt Griffin, Director of Community, Ultimaker North America, provides an overview of available FDM 3D printing materials, including the key physical properties and common usage scenarios for each. He also shares helpful tips for working with these different materials.

What are you making? Send 3D Universe your stories for our blog!

Are you using a new and interesting material for your projects? Have you created a piece of artwork that you are proud of? Are you using a new material that you have always wanted to try? We would love to hear from you! Please send us your contact information, a bit about your project and some images to go along with your story to jen@3duniverse.org for possible publication on our future blogs!

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