Making a Succulent Planter with the Mayku FormBox Vacuum Former

Making a Succulent Planter with the Mayku FormBox Vacuum Former

I have to say, that I have kind of fallen in love with the Mayku FormBox Vacuum Former and I may or may not have had to go purchase myself a new little notebook to jot down all of the ideas for things I want to make, plan to make and MUST MAKE!

I decided that after my first project where I made some “Traveling Dork” soap with my logo on it, I wanted to make myself a cute little succulent planter to take along with me for my travels. So that is exactly what I did, and the process was not only really easy and simple to do, but quite fun!

Below, I share a bit about how I created this project as well as a video I made of the process I went through from start to finish!

Creating My Succulent Planter with the Mayku Formbox

Glasses used as forms for the Mayku FormBox vaccum former

For this project, I went to the local thrift store to find a shape I wanted to use for my succulent planter and found two pieces that would work perfectly! One was a small drinking glass and the other was a votive candle holder, which were both made of glass.

Creating a mold with the Mayku FormBox vaccum former for a succulent planter

I used the smaller of the two to create a mold to use as the hole that would house the succulent plant I wanted to put in there. I made sure to choose forms that were tapered and would be easy to remove from the mold once it was formed.

Mayku FormBox cast sheets, 30 pack

For the planter mold as well as the mold for the hole, I used the Mayku Cast sheets which are clear and have a nonstick surface so my finished planter would pop right out once it was ready to be removed.

Creating a mold with the Mayku Formbox for a succulent planter

For the plaster, I knew that I wanted to use the Mayku Pour Powder that had come with my Mayku FormBox, but I also wanted to add some color. Without any pigment or coloring, the planter would have been a greyish white color that could have been painted after it was dried, but I wanted to mix in some pigments I had found at the art store, directly into the powder for a nicer finish.

Mayku FormBox Pour Powder plaster mix
Mixing Mayku Pour Powder with colored pigments for a succulent planter

Once I had mixed up my powder and pigments, it was time to pour them into the mold in layers as I was hoping for a nice rainbow-type effect with random levels of color for a unique and interesting look. I placed my mold over a deep container so that it would hold it steady and it would have less of a chance of being knocked over or getting bumped.

Pouring plaster into a mold for a succulent planter

I then took the smaller mold and used it to create the hole and space for the succulent to sit in once it was ready to plant. For this, I had to push the mold into the plaster and then tape it down firmly while it dried, as it kept trying to escape and pop back up out of the plaster!

Creating a mold with the Mayku Formbox. Using plaster to create a succulent planter
Creating a mold with the Mayku Formbox

Once dried, I was able to remove the mold for the hole and the dried succulent planter from the cast sheets and plant my succulent friend to go live with me in my van for my road trips!

finished succulent planter created with a Mayku FormBox vaccum former

Learn More About the Mayku FormBox 

I had a lot of fun doing this project and I ended up naming my succulent “Lucy” so that when I throw open my van door, I can shout “LUUUUCY…I'm HOME!”

I have a few very personal projects that I want to do. I will be documenting those projects as well, so make sure you follow our channel and subscribe so you can follow along on my journey!

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If you are using the Mayku FormBox for your own projects, we would love to hear from you!

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