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Welcome to the exciting world of arts and crafts! At 3D Universe, we seek to empower artists and crafters with cutting-edge tools like 3D printers, laser cutters, and 3D forming machines, transforming traditional art processes.

User Friendly Equipment

3D printers, laser cutters, and 3D forming machines are redefining the limits of arts and crafts, expanding what's possible in 3D printing art. These digital fabrication tools are ushering in a new era where once-unimaginable artistic creations are now possible. Modern 3D printers are also geared toward accessibility and ease of use, empowering artists to craft unique 3D art prints effortlessly.

Laser cutters bring unmatched precision to the table, ideal for crafting detailed 3D-printed artwork. They offer artists the flexibility to adjust settings like power, speed, and resolution, enabling the creation of personalized and intricate art prints with remarkable ease.

3D forming machines are opening doors in digital fabrication, allowing for the exploration of new forms and textures. Beyond enhancing design processes, these technologies are democratizing art creation, inviting individuals who traditionally felt excluded from creative fields. They strike a perfect balance between precision and ease of use, making them suitable for both seasoned artists and novices ready to enter the world of 3D-printed arts and crafts.

Easy to Start Small Businesses

3D printing and digital fabrication are transforming the arts and crafts sector, particularly for small businesses. This technology allows artists and entrepreneurs to create complex and unique 3D art prints, which were once challenging or too costly to make at scale. The ability to produce intricate 3D print artworks on demand allows small businesses to offer personalized or limited edition items, setting them apart from competitors.

Additionally, 3D printing crafts extend beyond art, including products like jewelry and home decor, offering different revenue streams without extra investment. This versatility is crucial for small businesses seeking to reach more customers and pivot as necessary. Moreover, 3D printing is cost-effective, reducing costs associated with mass production and minimizing waste. 3D printing offers small businesses in arts and crafts innovative ways to create, personalize, and expand their market reach.

Bringing Art to the Classroom

As 3D printing and digital fabrication technologies are brought into classroom settings, they offer dynamic ways for students to engage with art, geometry, and design thinking. This technology allows students to visualize and create complex geometric shapes, bringing theoretical concepts to life. By designing and printing 3D models, students gain a hands-on understanding of spatial relationships, symmetry, and proportions.

3D printing in art education also fosters creativity and innovation. Students can experiment with design elements, exploring the intersection of art and technology. This process encourages them to think critically and solve problems creatively, key components of design thinking. As they iterate designs and see their ideas materialize, students learn the value of trial and error as their ideas grow and mature.

Additionally, digital fabrication introduces students to advanced technologies used in various industries, preparing them for future careers. This hands-on experience with 3D printing not only enriches their understanding of art and geometry but also equips them with practical skills in a technology-driven world.

Arts and Crafts Inspiration

Take your art to a whole new level!

Laser Cut Art

With reasonable start-up costs and a manageable learning curve, laser cutting offers a unique opportunity for artists and small business owners.
From intricate jewelry and layered art pieces to custom signs, clocks, and book covers, laser cutters elevate the artistic process. This technology enables the creation of detailed keychains, decals, paper crafts, and more, pushing the boundaries of traditional art and crafts.

3D Printing and Laser Cutting in Prop Making and Cosplay

3D printing has opened up countless new doors for artists for cosplay and costume design allowing for the prototyping of costume parts as well as elaborate and unique props.
Join co-hosts Jeremy Simon and Jen Owen of 3D Universe as they chat with Harrison Krix of Volpin Props! Learn how he and his team use 3D printing and laser cutting technology to bring their creations to life.

3D Forming to Create Art

Vacuum forming is excellent for creating molds and replicating designs. Artists can create a design once and then use the vacuum forming machine to reproduce it multiple times in different materials.
This is particularly useful for crafts like candle making, soap making, or anything that requires a mold. These technologies open up new possibilities for creativity and innovation in the arts and crafts field.

3D Printed Ceramics

3D printed ceramics open entirely new possibilities for ceramic art and education, and in this episode, we speak with two pioneers in this area to learn more about what can be done.
Join us as we sit down with Abiam Alvarez, Ceramics and Studio Arts Teacher at Ann Sobrato High School, and Timea Tihanyi, founder and director of Slip Rabbit Studio, a technoceramics studio in the Pacific Northwest, and a teaching professor in the Interdisciplinary Visual Arts program at the University of Washington. Click below to learn more and watch the video.

Laser Cut Stop Motion Animations | Bringing New Worlds to Life

Laser cutting and 3D printing are bringing efficiency and creative possibilities to the stop motion animation industry, giving artists more time to tell the stories they want than painstakingly craft pieces by hand.
Laser cutting allows for the creation of intricate and detailed set pieces, props, and even characters, with a level of accuracy and consistency that was previously unattainable. This technology enables animators to produce multiple identical pieces, ensuring continuity in their animations.

Tabletop gaming, making miniatures and Jewelry with SLA (Resin) 3D Printing

Resin (SLA) 3D printing offers high levels of detail and accuracy, allowing you to achieve smooth surfaces that are not possible with FDM 3D printing.
This has opened up all kinds of doors for gamers who want to 3D print their own armies, terrains, and creatures as well as crafters and artists who are interested in creating minatures with super high detail.
Using a resin 3D printer with castable resin can streamline the lost-wax casting process for jewelers as well, as it allows you to print the original model directly, skipping the labor intensive step of handcrafting a wax model.

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