Glowforge Laser Cutters in Education and Small Business

Glowforge Laser Cutters in Education and Small Business

We are excited to share that we now offer Glowforge Laser Cutters at 3D Universe! The Glowforge Pro and Plus models are perfect for your classrooms and small businesses to bring student projects and your creative business ideas to life!

Read on below to learn how schools are incorporating Glowforge machines into their classroom envirionments and how small business owners are using them to create unique and personal products for their clients!

Glowforge in over 3000 Schools

Students in over 3000 schools are laser cutting, scoring, and engraving materials right in the classroom with the Glowforge Pro and Glowforge Plus laser cutters. Boasting integrated design tools & ready-to-use classroom projects, students of all ages can turn their imaginative and creative ideas into 3D reality. Glowforge is an all-in-one creative solution that makes every class period a hands-on learning experience!

Introducing laser cutters like the Glowforge to your students provides them with an easy and fast way to bring their ideas to life! By the end of classtime, your students will each be able to hold a finished project in their hands!

Investing in a laser cutter for the classroom and school, introduces students to new technologies and learning experiences that they will take with them long after class is over!

Glowforge for Small Business

Glowforge laser cutters are empowering businesses of all sizes and kinds by helping them streamline production and create stunning, unique and personalized products that leave their customers wanting more!

The Glowforge Pro and Plus models are both perfect for those who are looking to start up a small business with unique and personalized products from paper, leather, acrylic, metal, wood, fabric and other fun materials. Even chocolate!

Key benefits of using a Glowforge laser cutter and engraver for your business:

  • Precisely cut, engrave, and score hundreds of materials up to ½” thick with a professional-grade laser.
  • Engrave photographs, patterns, or text in vivid detail onto materials like wood, acrylic, stone, leather, and more.
  • Create infinitely long projects using the Passthrough slot with continuous auto-tracking.
  • See exactly what you’re engraving with live camera preview and precise autofocus.
  • Stand out from the competition! Create high quality products at scale with personalized or promotional items, home and office decor, custom signage, and more!

Which Glowforge is Best For You?

Glowforge Plus Glowforge Pro

Speed Factor



Laser Power



Max Cutting



Max Engraving




Onboard Liquid Cooling

Enhanced Cooling for All Day Cutting and Engraving

Workable Size

19.5" x 11"

19.5" x 11"

Giant Projects with Passthrough



Works with Clear Acrylic and Glass                                    



Not sure which Glowforge machine to choose? Check out the comparison chart above to see the differences and if you still have questions, please feel free to reach out to us at and we are happy to help you find the right laser cutter for your needs!

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