Glowforge Laser Cutters

Made For Making

Glowforge laser cutters stand out in the market due to their exceptional precision and user-friendly interface, making them a top choice for both beginners and experienced users. These devices offer a versatile range of cutting and engraving options on various materials, such as wood, leather, fabric, and acrylic, enhancing their appeal for hobbyists and professionals alike. Additionally, Glowforge features an innovative camera system that scans materials and precisely cuts according to the user's design, significantly simplifying the creative process. Coupled with robust community support and regular software updates, Glowforge laser cutters deliver a seamless, efficient, and highly creative experience.

Which Glowforge is Right For You?

Glowforge Plus Glowforge Pro

Speed Factor



Laser Power



Max Cutting



Max Engraving




Onboard Liquid Cooling

Enhanced Cooling for All Day Cutting and Engraving

Workable Size

19.5" x 11"

19.5" x 11"

Giant Projects with Passthrough



Works with Clear Acrylic and Glass                                    



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