Introducing the xTool F1 Ultra 20W Fiber & Diode Dual Laser Engraver

Introducing the xTool F1 Ultra 20W Fiber & Diode Dual Laser Engraver

We are excited to introduce the new xTool F1 Ultra - the world's first portable 20W fiber and diode dual laser cutter and engraver. Not only does the xTool F1 Ultra expand the range of materials that can be engraved, but F1 Ultra's 20W high power also allows you to deep engrave, emboss and cut.

In this blog post, we will share some of the upgrades that have been built into the F1 Ultra from it's original F1 portable machine.

xTool F1 Ultra VS. F1 - How Do They Compare?

xTool's upgrades on the F1 Ultra from the original F1 are quite impressive. Besides jumping up from 2W Infrared Laser + 10W Diode Laser in the F1 to a fantastic 20W Fiber Laser + 20W Diode Laser in the F1 Ultra, there are a number of other exciting features to explore!

The F1 Ultra boasts up to 10000mm per second speeds thanks to their intelligent path planning algorithym, which is quite the site to see! (If you don't blink!)

With four times the working area of the F1, the F1 Ultra also has the option to "go big or go home" with a conveyor, allowing you to explore the possibilities of having a 220x500mm work area in front of you.

Another great improvement is the auto focus with a camera to help ensure that your projects are perfectly placed every time, vs the 2 dot manual focus system of the F1. The camera inside the F1 Ultra automatically recognizes shapes on the streamline and helps F1 Ultra intelligently fill patterns on every piece.

We are glad to see that they kept the working area enclosed on the F1 Ultra, as it is on the F1, to block out dangerous laser light and keep you safe.

Below you can check out the comparison table and see for yourself what some of these great improvements are for the F1 Ultra.

. xTool F1 Ultra xTool F1

Exclusive Tech

Auto Streamline Production
3D Curve Engraving
Pixel Algorithm for HD Photo Printing


Working Area

220*500mm (with conveyor)


Laser Power and Laser Source

20W Fiber Laser + 20W Diode Laser

0W Diode laser and a 2W Infrared laser

Focus Adjustment

Auto Focus with Camera Manual Focus (Two dots Alignment)

Manual Focus (Two dots Alignment)




Built-in Camera



Product Size

273*373*492mm, 14.7kg


Fiber Plus Diode Laser, No More Material Limits

The xTool F1's 20W IR fiber laser can deep emboss on metals like brass and copper as well as wood, rocks, ceramics, plastics, and metal and other materials. The F1 Ultra's IR laser can also be utilized to do some color engraving on metal, and can even cut through some thinner metal sheets. The possibilities are endless!

On top of having even more options for materials to use with the F1 Ultra, you can now also engrave on curved surfaces. The xTool exclusive 3D Curve™ Engraving automatically creates 3D models for curved surfaces to engrave any patterns flawlessly.

Overall, this machine looks to be quite the upgrade from the original F1 and we are excited to what this machine can do!

Do You Have Questions About the F1 Ultra?

Not sure if the xTool F1 Ultra is right for you? Feel free to reach out and contact us to help you figure out which laser cutter would work best for your projects and classrooms! Email us at for more information or to get a quote!

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