Introducing the Multi-Award-Winning Bambu Lab 3D Printers

Introducing the Multi-Award-Winning Bambu Lab 3D Printers

Bambu Labs has taken the 3D printing industry by storm with it's X1 series. Boasting AI powered capabilities that allow it to print up to 16 colors in a single print, nearly twice as fast as other competitors, these desktop machines are winning awards left and right.

Time Magazine listed the Bambu Lab X1 as one of the best inventions of 2022. They won All3DP's "Best 3D Printer for Beginners" and "Most Innovative 3D Printing Company" awards, as well as "Best 3D Printer for 2023" from CNET and and "Editor's Choice Award" from Tom's Hardware. This year's 3D Printing Industry Awards announced them the winner of the "Best FFF 3D Printer of the Year."

We are excited to announce that we now have these award winning machines in our shop at 3D Universe and have put together this blog post to share some of the best features of these beauties.

Bambu Lab X1 Series 3D Printers Key Features

There are a lot of great things about the Bambu Lab X1 Series 3D Printers but these are the key features that really stand out for us:

  • High Speed Core XY with 20000 mm/s² acceleration
  • Large 256mm x 256mm x 256mm Build Volume
  • Up to 16 multi-color printing
  • Built-In Camera Monitoring
  • Dual auto bed leveling
  • 7μm lidar resolution
  • Spaghetti failure detection
  • AI inspected first layer

In a very thorough and beautifully written review of the Bambu Lab X1 Cabon Combo, Michael Papadopoulus of Bgeek writes: "It’s not just the best printer I’ve ever owned. It’s one of the best pieces of tech I’ve ever seen. Furthermore, it’s as if they sat there at Bambu Lab, saw exactly what the 3D printing community has been asking for all these years, and generously offered it to us."

Built For Speed

The Bambu Lab's CoreXY kinematics and it's 300 °C capable hot end open up all kinds of opportunities to allow for a wide range of filaments to be printed at speeds that exceed the average competition's 3D printers out on the market. It can 3D print a Benchy in less than 17 minutes and an 85x26x42 cm Kaiju in about 70 hours.

A Lidar That Measures Depth in Micrometers

Bambu Micro Lidar brings micrometer level precision into 3D printing. The system probes the nozzle height, calibrates the flow, and scans the first layer, so the possibilities are endless.

Bambu Lab's X1 series utilizes two sets of independent sensors and an algorithm to measure the height of the nozzle relative to the bed. The lidar and analog force sensors crosscheck for an extra layer of redundancy in bed leveling.

Automatic Material System

The Bambu Lab's Automatic Material System (AMS) allows you to print with 4 colors, however, if you take advantage of the hub, you will be able to link up to 4 AMS together and print in up to 16 colors in one single print.

The AMS can communicate with the printhead and detect tension on the spool so it can alter the pace of the feed of the filmanet if needed. Bambu Lab claims the AMS is airtight and it is built with slots inside to store desiccant packets to help absorb any excess moisture.

You can use a variety of materials with the AMS, however, Bambu Labs recommends that you do not use softer materials like TPU and damp PVA which could get stuck inside of the unit. There is a workaround however, by using the lone spool holder on the back of the machine.

The AMS is also not compatible with cardboard spools of filaments as they don't offer the right kind of friction for the roller, which is a drawback but overall, the AMS is a fantastic addition to this machine.

Print From Anywhere with Any Device

You can send your 3D prints to the printer by using Bambu Studio (the slicer based off of PrusaSlicer and it's offshoot SuperSlicer), and you can also control your printer anytime, anywhere with the Bambu Handy app (available for iOS or Android).

Notifications can be sent to you through Bambu Handy, which is your mobile assistant. You can’t slice your prints from it, but you can control the printer’s main functions from most anywhere through this app. You can ,monitor the status of your prints, check out and inspect the print chamber via the X1 Carbon’s in-built camera, and request support when you need it. Bambu Handy is quite straightforward and very responsive. It allows you to stay connected with your 3D printer no matter where you are.

Learn More About the Bambu Lab 3D Printers

Learn more about the Bambu Lab's X1 series in our shop. Have more questions? Consider booking a one-on-one Zoom meeting with Jeremy for a free consultation! Click here to schedule a discussion.

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