3D Printing for Education

3D printing is opening doors in education, enabling teachers to inspire future innovators. We can help explore the latest 3D printers, laser cutters, and more, tailored for educational needs.

We provide educational discounts, and we will help you find everything you need to get started. We strive to assist you in making your STEAM programs the best they can be.

As the focus on hands-on practical learning continues to grow, 3D printing, laser cutting, and vacuum forming are becoming a valuable part of today’s education.

We have put together a comprehensive guide of Educational Resources for Digital Fabrication to help you navigate the exciting learning opportunities that are available for you and your students.

High Quality Equipment

Educational institutions are increasingly incorporating high-quality digital fabrication tools, transforming traditional classroom lessons. These advanced technologies, including 3D printers for schools, offer hands-on learning experiences, bringing subjects to life and deepening students' understanding across subjects.

Ease of Use

3D printers for educational use, along with other digital fabrication equipment, come with user-friendly software, often free and cloud-based, ideal for classroom settings. There are paid options available, but they are not always needed. Ask us to help you navigate the options and find the best solutions for your needs.

Curriculum & Lesson Plans

Discover the ideal curriculums and lesson plans tailored for 3D printing in education. Our team is dedicated to helping you navigate these resources, ensuring they align with your digital fabrication tools and enhance the educational experience in your classrooms.

Educational Inspiration

With the rising demand of STEM requirements, a growing number of schools are adopting digital fabrication tools into their classrooms as a powerful component of their curriculum. See what some are doing with this technology.

2023 Educational Resources For Digital Fabrication in the Classroom

Whether you and your students are 3D printing, laser cutting, or 3D forming in the classroom, we have a variety of wonderful options for STEM learning with a great set of fantastic free curriculums, lesson plans, grant guides, and project ideas from various partners in the link below!

Teaching Art and Design with the Mayku FormBox

Besides being dedicated to social change and innovation, Luuk Wiehink has a keen interest in product design. He uses the Mayku FormBox to teach the basics of environmental science and conservation to children.

3D Printing in STEM Education | Human Centered Design

We had some great video discussion sessions over the past few years focused on STEM education, Human-Centered Design, and the power of Crowd-Sourcing and global collaborations. Below, you will find links to the videos and information about each session.

Breaking Barriers in Education with 3D Printing

3D printing in education ignites creativity and elevates problem-solving skills, as students experience their ideas come to life in tangible forms. But what is it actually like to have a 3D printer in the classroom? Mark Peeters, the 3D print artist, Technology Director at Comstock Public Schools in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA, and active contributor to our community, is here to share his experience.

Using Technology to Teach Art and Design to 8-13 Year Olds

Rebecca Maunder, an educator at a girls' school in New Zealand, has incorporated maker tools into her classroom, including a 3D printer, laser cutter, and paper printer. Her focus is on teaching product development through projects that resonate with her students. This approach not only educates but also connects with the students’ interests and experiences.

Building Robot Subs, Reinventing STEM Learning with MakerBot

Discover how the robotics team at Carl Hayden High School is leveraging 3D printing to advance STEM learning. Explore their journey in mastering skills vital for success in a fast-evolving world, and see how they're pushing the boundaries of technological education with 3D printing.

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