The Dremel DigiLab Collection

Welcome to the future of making.

Comprised of 3D printers (3D45-EDU3D45, 3D40 FLEX, 3D40 FLEX-EDU, 3D20) and the LC40 Laser Cutter, the DigiLab collection is Dremel's curated suite of products that fit seamlessly within any makerspace or classroom. Depending on utilization, each DigiLab product comes complete with specific ready-to-use projects or curriculum catered to its users, along with reliable customer service support, so setup and usage are both quick and painless. Let us deliver the answer to all your digital fabrication needs — all in an affordable package. Join the DigiLab family today and unleash your creativity.

Dremel DigiLab 3D45 3D Printer

Advanced 3D printing made easy

designed for your workflow

works for you

Unlock New Applications
Create parts for an array of applications using the 3D45's range of supported filament that prints strong, flexible, durable parts.
Effortless Networking
Run printers online with built-in Proxy and Static IP configuration options that IT administrators will appreciate.
Extreme Reliability
The 3D45 features a completely redesigned, all-metal hot end that has gone through thousands of hours of testing for even better clog resistance.
Customize & Optimize
Optimize projects for specific needs by easily tweaking settings directly from the printer.
painless setup, usage and support

we're with you

Painless Setup
Go from unboxing to the first print in 15 minutes. Take the guesswork out of bed-leveling with the 3D45's built-in leveling system.
Remote Print Monitoring
Remotely print to the 3D45 and use the built-in HD camera to view progress and create time-lapse videos of finished prints.
Hassle-free Material Management
Don't worry about double-checking filament settings before each print; the built-in sensor detects the loaded filament and automatically adjusts the print settings to get the best prints for each material.
Best Service On the Planet!
World class customer service team based in Racine, WI, is available by phone, email or live chat five days a week.
more for your money

best value

The Best Features
The 3D45 is loaded with all the features users could need in an affordable package.
Maximize Your Output
Share the printer with others easily using the Dremel Print Cloud software.
Flexible Software
Included desktop and cloud-based slicing software are compatible with any platform, including PC, Mac, Chromebook and iPad.
It's a Dremel
The printer is backed by 85 years of experience engineering products and by a standard 1-year warranty.

Dremel DigiLab LC40 Laser Cutter

Dremel Safety, Ease-of-Use, and Reliability in a Desktop Laser Cutter

advanced hardware

made simple

Onboard Software
Software is built directly into the laser, which enables internet-free access to run software and consistent high-speed performance.
Wi-Fi Connected
Connecting computer and laser is as simple as joining the same Wi-Fi network; no complicated downloads or software setup.
LCD Touch Screen
Start, pause and view project status directly on the LED touch screen without the need to reopen the software on computer.
Smart Camera
High-resolution smart camera enables users to capture workpiece and precisely place designs within the software suite.
Made-for-Laser Materials
Our materials have been hand-selected to work perfectly with the laser to allow for more time creating and less time experimenting.
powerful creation tools

intuitive software

Intuitive Software
The laser software is easy to use from the start and includes advanced features with which users can apply and explore their creativity.
Full Ecosystem
Immediate access to a growing library of project inspiration, how-to videos and advanced features.
Optimized Materials
The laser's advanced material library is flexible and ever-evolving as its creative community continues to build new projects.
Our auto-array feature enables users to quickly duplicate projects so no time is wasted.
Fast Separation
Our software easily detects cut layers from 2D design software. This eliminates the need to separate individual layers, which saves time and spares users the headache.
supreme durability & safety

it's a dremel

Ridiculously Tested
We've slammed, dropped and put the laser through a serious amount of testing to ensure product longevity and reliability in all settings, from business to classroom.
UL Approved
This laser is the first model in the market to be independently inspected and approved by Underwriters Laboratories.
Stays Cool Under Pressure
The laser is accompanied by our innovative Hex Box, which keeps the laser cool and continuously running through all projects without any downtime.
Safety Sensors
Our patented array of smart sensors with real-time safety diagnostics continuously monitor the laser so users can focus on creativity.
Upgraded Components
We have custom-designed the power supply and other critical components of the laser to ensure our users are getting a high-quality, premium machine.

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