Mayku Multiplier

Professional pressure forming on the desktop

By Mayku

Mayku Multiplier

Professional pressure forming on the desktop

By Mayku

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Create high-quality parts in a matter of minutes with the Mayku Multiplier, a professional pressure 3D-forming machine for the desktop. Industrial power that allows you to scale at high speed and take full control.

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Create high-quality parts in a matter of minutes with the Mayku Multiplier, a professional pressure 3D-forming machine for the desktop. Industrial power that allows you to scale at high speed and take full control.


Create High Quality Parts and Molds in Minutes

Make fully transparent prototypes, detailed final parts
and cast complex objects with flexible molds.
Create parts with a high level of detail and accuracy
similar to injection molding at a fraction of the cost.

Industrial Features Made Accessible

60 psi Creating up to 5 Tonnes of Force

Create amazingly accurate parts with incredibly high levels of detail by unlocking more than 4 times the power of vacuum forming.

Deliver Working Temperatures in Minutes

Heat your materials up to 200C in under two minutes on the Mayku Multiplier. The smart leveling system of this machine controls pressure during the heating process to keep materials completely horizontal, ensuring consistency of result.

High Power Made Accessible

The Industrial-grade components and smart features of the Mayku Multiplier deliver a safe and reliable pressure forming process that allows you to focus on the perfect output for your application.

Improved Functionality Over Time

With Wi-Fi connectivity and seamless firmware updates, the Mayku Multiplier grows stronger over time with new features and expanding material possibilities.

Accessible For Anyone

The expanding collection of Mayku materials comes in multiple thicknesses and with tested profiles to give you the most reliable, repeatable results for your projects. Every time.

Easy Touch Screen

The Multiplier’s touch screen guides you from start to finish, offering an easy user experience.

How it Works

High Resolution Molds & Parts In Minutes

The Multiplier’s tanks fill with compressed air and pressurise the dome to 5 atmospheres.

The pressure forces the heated sheet of material into every detail of your creation.

Creating high-resolution molds or parts in a matter of minutes.

What It Is

Pressure Forming, On The Desktop

Pressure forming is an industrial grade manufacturing process, used to make molds and parts really quickly. By utilising pressure when forming heated sheet material, pressure forming can capture detail finer than a human hair and perfectly sharp edges. The process of making a mold or part takes only minutes.

Mayku’s Next Steps Towards Democratizing Manufacturing

More Power. More Precision. More Possibilities.


The Mayku Multiplier fits on a desk and doesn't require an external pump, which makes it a great addition to any classroom, business, library or makerspace!

Easy to Use

Learn how to use the Mayku Multiplier in less than an hour and jump right into creating your first mold in less than 5 minutes. No additional training is needed. Simply follow the directions and watch your creations come to life!

Large Scale

Design within a 400mm wide circular forming area with 160mm height for larger, more complex projects for your business, school assignements, craft projects and more.

Take a Closer Look With These Videos

How to Make a Computer Mouse Shell Using 3D Printing and Pressure Forming with the Mayku Multiplier

Using desktop pressure forming saves time, money and mess compared to other prototyping making methods like custom silicone, additional 3D printing or injection molding. Watch how Product Design Studio, Beta Design Office goes from 3D printed template to computer mouse shell using the Mayku Multiplier.

Quick and Clean Way to Make Custom Molds and Prototypes. Meet the Mayku Multiplier

Get ready to create ultra precise, long lasting molds and production parts in minutes. Form sheets up to 8mm in thickness and unlock the next level of desktop manufacturing.

How to Prototype Product Designs Quickly and Affordably with Desktop Pressure Forming

Featuring Harry Mitchell and Mark Reilly, Co-Founders and Creative Directors at London based, Beta Design Office use the Mayku Multiplier to prototype products and finished articles including a flip flop mold for silicone, web cam, mouse and keyboard parts.

Mayku Pioneer Program

Join the Mayku Multiplier Pioneer Program

Only 50 Spots Available

Mayku believes all innovators should have access to the tools of mass production on their desktops. Earlier this year they announced the world’s first desktop pressure former – the Multiplier. It is capable of reaching 60 psi, 220°C with a 400mm forming bed, to achieve industrial-grade molds and final parts in a matter of minutes.

450 pioneering engineers, designers and artists are already using the machine to create incredible things since the machines started arriving in the summer.

Some applications we’ve seen so far:
• Microfluidics chips
• Electronics housing for functional prototypes
• Optically clear light covers in the automotive industry
Panels in aerospace
• Food grade recyclable packaging
• Precision molds for small production runs
• Fine detailed chocolate molds

Now, Mayku is presenting a unique opportunity to work with the engineering team behind the Multiplier to push the boundaries of the machine. You’ll be able to tailor the machine’s settings to fully meet the needs of your bespoke application and access new materials, not yet available on the market.

Want to be one of the 50 Pioneers?

Learn more here.

The Pioneer Program Explained:

Mayku is working closely with their early customers to unlock new applications, whilst offering 1:1 support and access to financial support. They have only 50 spots available on their pioneer program.

What you’ll get:

• A discovery call to fully scope your unique application
• Monthly sessions with our application engineers providing you with 1:1 support
• 12 month pioneer warranty, enabling you to test and stretch the boundaries of the Multiplier without financial concern
• An allocation of materials funded by Mayku
• Full support from our product team to help develop new materials and applications
• Free lifetime access to custom firmware profiles so you can source and use your own materials with the Multiplier

What we ask in return:

• Feedback on the machine
• A 1:1 onboarding call to ensure you get the best out of it.

Want to learn more?

Schedule a meeting with us to discuss how you might participate in this Pilot program or email us at

Package Contents

Mayku Multiplier

Package Contents

  • 1x Multiplier
  • 1x Power Cable
  • 1x Instruction Manual
  • 1x Activation Leaflet
  • 1x Tool Kit
  • 1x First Make Kit (containing a sample template and information booklet)



• Unboxed: 585mm (L) x 515mm (W) x 420mm (H)
• Unboxed Weight: 57kg (125lbs)
• Boxed: 700mm (L) x 700mm (W) x 640mm (H)
• Boxed Weight: 67.5kg (149lbs)

• 400mm (W) x 160mm (H) circular forming area
• Up to 60 psi (4 Bar) of forming pressure
• Up to 5mm sheet thickness
• Automatic sheet leveling (no plastic droop)
• Precision IR sensor for plastic temperature control
• 8 independent/redundant safety features
• WiFi updateable firmware for new features/materials
• In-built self testing, maintenance for ease of use

• Forming Area: 400mm (W) x 160mm (H)
• Max template volume: 3500cm3 / 214in3

• Input: 110-240V, 12A/6A (Single Phase)
• Max Power: 1500W
• Maximum Pressure: 4.1 bar/60 psi (Dome) 12 •bar/175 psi (Tank)
• Frequency: 2.4 GHz
• Sound Operation: 19.5dBm
• LCD Resolution: 720x720
• Operating/ Storage temperature +5 to +40C
• Connectivity: WiFi

• Period: 1 Year

• PETG - (Transparent and food safe)
• HIPS (Opaque for casings)
• EVA (Flexible for complex shapes)

Concrete, Silicone, Chocolate, Jello, Resin, Ice, Foam, Jesmonite, Plaster and much more.

Helpful Resources

Support Resources

For general usage questions, contact 3D Universe:

Phone: 800-689-4344

Contact Mayku Ltd.
Address: The Bisquit Factory, Unit K401, Kiko Studios, 100 Drummond Road London, United Kingdom, SE16 4DG


Mayku Forming Resources


Multiplier Academy: Details coming soon...


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