3D Universe 2018 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale

Savings on Filament, 3D Printers and Training

As we near the end of yet another exciting year for 3D Universe, we are happy to announce our 2018 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sales Event. This year we are pleased to bring you a nice variety of offers, ranging from 3D printers to filament to online 3D printing training courses.

For this Black Friday, from 11/22 through 11/27 we're offering 35% off all 3D Universe Filament. From the first day we started offering our materials until now, our filaments have built a solid reputation for being a cost-friendly, high-quality 3D printing solution.

Use Discount Code 3DFRIDAY2018. Discount will be applied at checkout. Come and get your savings now.

This Black Friday from 11/22 through 11/27, when you spend $200 or more at 3D Universe, you will get a free license for lifetime access to HoneyPoint3D's Introduction to 3D Printing. We consider HoneyPoint3D's training materials to be 100% top-notch, high-quality material - with or without a Black Friday offer, their training is well worth using.

This 2018 Black Friday/Cyber Monday, we're offering massive savings on award-winning 3D printers from two of our favorite manufacturers: LulzBot and Dremel.

From 11/23 through 11/26 both the LulzBot TAZ 6 3D printer and Dual Tool Head are 20% off list price. Moreover, the numerous other accessories in the LulzBot collection are 25% off.

From 11/22 through year-end, the Dremel 3D45 3D printer is 20% off list price.

Save More on 3D Printer Gear

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