HIPS Filament for 3D Printers

Experience the exceptional qualities of HIPS filament for 3D printing in our curated selection. Widely used for its printing ease and superior post-processing, HIPS is ideal for digital fabricators. The standout feature of HIPS 3D printing filament is being a dissolvable support material, easily removed with limonene, ensuring clean, intricate prints. This makes it perfect for complex models, preserving detail and integrity without compromise. Available in a variety of colors and diameters, HIPS filament offers high impact resistance and impeccable detail fidelity, aligning with professional standards. For best outcomes, print at 230°C to 240°C, with a heated bed at 100°C to 115°C, adjusting settings to your printer for optimal results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take for HIPS Filament to Dissolve in Limonene?

The dissolution time can vary based on the amount of HIPS and the temperature of the limonene. Typically, it takes several hours to fully dissolve, but this can vary, so it's recommended to check periodically.

Can HIPS Filament and Limonene Be Used for All Types of 3D Printers?

HIPS filament can be used with any FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) 3D printer that supports high-temperature extrusion. However, the use of limonene for dissolving HIPS is specific to prints requiring soluble supports, making it an excellent choice for printers capable of dual extrusion.

How Does HIPS Compare to Other Support Materials in 3D Printing?

HIPS stands out due to its easy dissolution in limonene, making it preferable for complex models over other materials that require mechanical removal. This minimizes potential damage to the print, offering a cleaner finish. Additionally, its durability and stability under various conditions make it a versatile choice.

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