3D Printing for Schools, Libraries, and Universities

3D Universe is on the approved vendor list for a large number of institutional clients ranging from K-12 schools and libraries to non-profits and Ivy League Schools. We offer a competitive Educational Discount to organizations that qualify. Discounts apply to all 3D Printers, Filaments and Accessories.

Purchasing Departments needing Sales Quotations, W-9's, or Educational Discount information, please contact orders@3duniverse.org or contact 800-689-4344. 3D Universe gladly accepts Purchase Orders on Net 30 Terms from schools and libraries in the United States for Orders of $200 or more.

We are happy to set up a tax exempt account for your organization. Please email a copy of your tax exempt letter to orders@3duniverse.org.

3D Printing In Every Classroom

With the rising demand of STEM requirements, a growing number of schools are adopting 3D printers as a powerful component of their curriculum. With a growing focus on hands-on practical learning, 3D printing is becoming a valuable tool for today’s education.

This is a topic we've explored in depth on our blog. Read more about it in the following articles:

Ultimaker Core Lessons: STEAM Set

The Ultimaker Core Lessons: STEAM Set will get you up and running with designing for 3D printing and with using your Ultimaker printer.

Whether you teach K12, Higher Ed, or work in an informal learning environment, integrating 3D Printing into your teaching practice will help you meet the following objectives:

  • Encourage your students to be more responsible for their own learning outcomes, or put another way, support personal student exploration in the pursuit of a learning objective.
  • Provide powerful learning aids, like Design Thinking techniques.
  • Build cooperative learning opportunities.
  • Build resiliency by taking advantage of rapid prototyping and testing techniques.
  • Develop communication skills through continuous documentation and sharing.

To learn more, or to download your free copy, click here.

The 3D Universe Educator's Collection

The following products tend to be popular with our educational/institutional customers. Included in this collection are e-NABLE Kits for 3D printed prosthetic devices. These tend to make for an excellent project for students, not only for learning but for contributions to their community. Learn more at enablingthefuture.org.

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