Mole 3D Scanners from 3D MakerPro

Achieve accurate and detailed scanning with Mole 3D Scanners from 3DMakerPro. These handheld 3D scanners offer unmatched precision, boasting an accuracy of up to 0.05mm, ideal for capturing even the minutest details. The Mole 3D Scanners come equipped with a single capture range of 200*100mm, complemented by a swift scanning speed of up to 10FPS. This makes them perfect for efficiently scanning small to medium-sized objects.

The Mole 3D Scanners support the most popular 3D file formats, including OBJ, STL, and PLY. This versatility ensures easy integration into various workflows, catering to a variety of project types and scales.

In this video, Jeremy Simon, Founder and CEO of 3D Universe, provides a demonstration of the Mole 3D scanner and the included software. See firsthand how the scanning process works, taking multiple scans of an object from different angles and aligning those scans using the included software. You'll learn exactly what to expect when using a Mole 3D scanner and what kind of results it's capable of producing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Objects Can Mole 3D Scanners Accurately Scan?

Mole 3D Scanners are designed to accurately scan small to medium-sized objects, with sizes varying from as small as 15mm to as large as 1500mm. They excel in capturing intricate details of various items, whether it's industrial components, cultural artifacts, or intricate sculptures.

How Does the Color Kit Enhance the Scanning Process?

The color kit, included in the luxury combo, elevates the scanning experience with Mole 3D Scanners. It includes a scanner stand and lightbox that ensures your scannable item is perfectly lit and scanned in complete detail.

Can the Mole 3D Scanner Handle Highly Reflective or Transparent Objects?

Mole 3D Scanners can effectively scan black and dark objects, but they can be less effective in scanning highly reflective or transparent objects. For such materials, the application of a scanning spray is recommended to achieve optimal results. This spray coats the object with a temporary, non-damaging layer, allowing the scanner to capture its surface with greater accuracy.

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