UltiMaker PVA Removal Station

Faster Parts with Simple Processing

UltiMaker PVA Removal Station

Faster Parts with Simple Processing

The UltiMaker PVA Removal Station simplifies an already efficient 3D printing experience by making the PVA support removal process a breeze. Instead of waiting for hours and manually cleaning prints, this station employs advanced features like rotor-powered water circulation, effortlessly dissolving PVA and other water-soluble supports. With easy monitoring and minimal effort, it transforms your design-to-print workflow, saving you both time and frustration.

The PVA Removal Station is compatible with all water-soluble support materials offered by 3D Universe, including PVA, Aquasys, and RapidRinse materials.

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The UltiMaker PVA Removal Station dissolves support material quickly and effectively, making 3D printing complex designs much faster and easier, increasing productivity, and improving workflow time.


Introducing the Ultimaker PVA Removal Station

In the ever-evolving landscape of 3D printing, the introduction of PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) supports marked a huge step forward. Prior to PVA, creators often grappled with the painstaking task of manual support removal, limiting the intricacy and complexity of designs. Suddenly, it was possible to print just about any conceivable geometry, without having to worry about manual removal of supports.

However, anyone who has tried 3D printing with PVA supports can tell you the patience required in dissolving PVA in water. Often, it's not just about waiting for the PVA supports to fully dissolve, but also cleaning the 3D printed piece after.

Enter the UltiMaker PVA Removal Station—a groundbreaking solution for efficient 3D printing support material removal. Imagine effortlessly removing PVA supports, simply by immersing your printed piece into the station’s water tank, pressing a button, and returning to a pristine, support-free print. Dissolve PVA in water without the effort or the mess!

Check out the video to learn more.

Remove Water-Soluble Supports
Up to 4x Faster

The unique design of the PVA removal station features magnetic rotor-powered water circulation. This ensures PVA dissolution in water up to four times faster than stagnant water solutions, even navigating the trickiest crevices of your print.So you have your parts post-processed and ready to use as soon as possible.

The PVA Removal Station is compatible with all water-soluble support materials offered by 3D Universe, including PVA, Aquasys, and RapidRinse materials.

Boost Your Productivity with Minimal Effort

Slash operator engagement by a staggering 80%. With the UltiMaker PVA Removal Station, removing PVA supports has been streamlined to sheer simplicity. Start the process, attend to other tasks, and come back to find a cleaned print.

Your Design-to-Print Workflow, Simplified

Using the PVA Removal Station in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Pour in tap water up to the indicated mark inside the container. No special water type needed—your regular tap will do! Place it back on its base and gently set your 3D print inside.

Step 2: Start the PVA removal process with the touch of a button. Depending on the support complexity, your wait could range from 1 to 8 hours. Perfect time for a coffee break or to work on your next 3D design!

Step 3: Once done, raise the basket handle and remove your print. Your masterpiece is now support-free and ready. Drain the used water—safe for most household drains—and you're set for another round!

Key Features

Rotor-powered Water Circulation

Dial in perfect water circulation to optimize the PVA removal process. Choose 100 or 225 RPM circulation depending on the fragility of your part. Every two minutes, the rotor changes direction to push water evenly against the model to make sure water reaches all its crevices ensuring even and efficient PVA dissolution.

Prints Stay Safe and Submerged

To prevent floating of unsettled prints, a rinsing basket keeps your print in place and completely submerged while dissolving. Upon completion, the basket lifts up for mess-free draining and print removal.

Easy to Monitor Progress

The UltiMaker PVA Removal Station features a transparent, illuminated tank, enabling you to closely monitor the PVA removal process and determine when your part is fully cleaned. Additionally, the device is equipped with a saturation indicator, signaling when to replace the water.

Package Contents

Ultimaker PVA Removal Station

Package Contents

Ultimaker PVA Removal Station with US power cable


Ultimaker PVA Removal Station



Container volume:
13.7 liters (3.6 US gal)

Maximum part size:
200 x 230 x 165 mm
(7.8 x 9 x 6.4 in)

Supported materials:
Optimized for: PLA and PVA
Also suitable for: PETG, Tough PLA, Nylon, or CPE in combination with PVA
(Also supports equivalent third-party materials)

Supported solvents:

Rotor speed:
225 RPM (normal)
100 RPM (low)

Operating sound:
< 50 dBA

Physical Dimensions

303 x 325 x 374 mm (11.9 x 12.8 x 14.7 in)

Dimensions with handle extended:
303 x 325 x 528 mm
(11.9 x 12.8 x 20.8 in)

Net weight:
6.35 kg / (14 lbs)

Container Weight: 
4.2 kg / (9.3 lbs)

Shipping box dimensions:
400 x 400 x 500 mm
(15.7 x 15.7 x 19.7 in)

Shipping weight:
8.5 kg / (18.7 lbs)

Ambient Conditions

Operating ambient temperature:
15 - 32 °C / (59 - 90 °F)

Non-operating temperature:
0 - 32 °C / (32 - 90 °F)

Relative humidity:
10 - 90% RH non-condensing

Electrical Requirements

100 - 240 V AC

50 - 60 Hz

38 W

Helpful Resources

Service and Support

Warranty period:
12 months

Expert support:
Market-leading technical support via email, phone, or from our global community is available to you in your language and timezone.

Extended support:
Online resources, extensive manuals, material technical and safety data sheets (in multiple languages), a detailed knowledge base, and much more.

For Further Assistance

For general usage questions, contact 3D Universe:

Email: support@3duniverse.org
Phone: 800-689-4344

For hardware-related support, contact Ultimaker North America Support:

Web: https://ultimakernasupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
Email: support@ultimakernasupport.com
Phone: 888-229-9046

3D Printing Resources

STL Files:

  • Thingiverse: Most comprehensive site available for free downloadable STL files
  • YouMagine: Another excellent site for free STL files
  • Yeggi: A search engine for finding 3D printable files

CAD Software:

  • TinkerCAD: A free, easy-to-use browser-based CAD solution. Great option for beginners
  • SketchUp: A popular CAD software, free for personal use
  • FreeCAD: A free, open-source parametric 3D modeler
  • Blender: A powerful open-source 3D modeler, popular and full of great features, but with a steep learning curve
  • Autodesk Fusion 360: A powerful, full-featured, browser-based parametric modeling solution, free for students and startups
  • OpenSCAD: This free CAD tool uses a textual programming-style language to create solid-body objects instead of using visual modeling tools

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Change The Water in The UltiMaker PVA Removal Station When Dissolving PVA?

The station features a saturation indicator to guide users on when to refresh the water. However, after a typical dissolution cycle of 1-8 hours, it's advisable to safely dispose of the water and refill for optimal PVA removal in subsequent uses.

Is There Any Risk of Damaging My 3d Prints When Using the PVA Removal Station To Dissolve PVASupports?

No, the PVA Removal Station is designed with the safety of your prints in mind. With features like adjustable rotor-powered water circulation and a rinsing basket, your prints stay safe, submerged, and secure during the PVA removal process. Additionally, you can monitor progress with the transparent container, ensuring you know exactly when your part is ready.

Do I Need any Special Solutions or Chemicals for the PVA Removal Station?

The only thing you need for the UltiMaker PVA removal station to do its job is the universal solvent – water! You can simply use tap water. The station is designed to optimize the process of PVA dissolving without any additional chemicals or solutions.

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