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Introducing Filamet™ the only FFF Metal 3D Printing Technology that gives everyone the power to 3D Print and Sinter metal, ceramics and glass with simple equipment that everyone can afford!​

Common Printer + Common Kiln = Pure Metal 3D Printing at Home!

Affordable and Easy to Use, Here’s How it Works:


Print in Common FFF 3D Printers

The Virtual Foundry’s Filamet™ metal, glass and ceramic FFF 3D Printing filaments combine metal (or glass or ceramic) powder with a Polylactic Acid (PLA) binder to enable a printing process familiar to PLA users, in printers made for plastics.


Debind in a Common Kiln

After printing, the part is placed in a kiln like those found in schools and heat-treatment facilities and countless other environments, this removes the binder leaving behind a porous metal structure.


Sinter in the Same Kiln

The print is then raised to a higher temperature, causing the particles to fuse together and form a metal, glass or ceramic part. This phase of the process densifies the material, resulting in a final part that is dense and strong.

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