Commercial Applications with the Mayku Multiplier

Rapid Prototyping

Thermoforming is the perfect choice for businesses needing to develop a prototype quickly and efficiently, as they can produce it in-house within hours, rather than days. From concept models to functional prototypes, thermoforming offers a wide range of design possibilities with high accuracy, making it fast and cost-effective.

Rapid Protyping Examples

Motorsports protective gear using UHMW

Strong, abrasion-resistant parts with a low friction coefficient, perfect for protective equipment across multiple industries.

Automotive casing using ABS

High impact strength and low heat and electrical conductivity make ABS the preferred engineering plastic when it comes to automotive applications.

Visual prototypes using HIPS

Define a product’s size, shape and personality with visual prototypes using HIPS and the Mayku Multiplier.


Create high-quality jigs and fixtures that are designed to improve assembly quality on the production line with the help of a wide variety of materials. The Multiplier is ideal for creating flexible final parts and molds to cast components with resins, allowing for a more precise and accurate process. Not only is this a great way to get the highest quality products, but it also enhances the efficiency of the production line.

Tooling Example

2-part mold making with EVA

Create flexible molds to cast components with resins, allowing for a more precise and accurate process.

End-use Parts

The Mayku Multiplier allows you to go beyond prototyping and create end-use parts with a high level of detail and precision. In addition, our range of materials and thicknesses can cover many applications, including those that require engineering materials. With the Mayku Multiplier, you can also scale your production to meet the growing demands of your business.

End-use parts example

Rear car light using PMMA

Produce optically clear, hard-wearing light covers with maximum visibility, UV stability, and easy handling and processing using PMMA.


With the Multiplier, you can create packaging for both prototypes and final products. Our selection of materials and thicknesses enables you to produce high-quality packaging with a high level of detail quickly, ensuring optimal results.

Food Packaging Example

Food packaging using PETG

Produce semi-rigid and impact resistant food-safe containers that are fully recyclable.

Engineers at pioneering companies are already making industrial parts, with production materials, in minutes.

Is 3D forming compatible with your application?

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Examples of New Applications Being Explored

Why choose the Mayku Multiplier?

1. Industrial power made accessible

Achieve industrial-grade results right on your desktop. Our machines are easy to use with minimal training required.

2. Production materials at your fingertips

We have a suit of materials and are constantly testing more to give you the best option for your unique application.

3. Support for successful production

Mayku’s expert customer support team is ready to help you achieve the best from your wokflow.

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