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Better 3D Printing Equipment, Better Care

The integration of high-quality 3D printing and thermoforming machines is improving care in the medical and dental industries, bolstering efficiency and strength. In the medical field, these technologies facilitate the production of custom-tailored devices, prosthetics, and implants with exceptional accuracy. The ability of 3D printing to construct complex structures surpasses conventional manufacturing methods, significantly speeding up the journey from design to finished product.

In dental applications, thermoforming plays a crucial role. It is essential for creating robust yet lightweight medical packaging and trays, vital for safe and effective product handling. Additionally, its precision in crafting dental appliances is unparalleled. Combining thermoforming and 3D printing in dental care is enhancing patient experiences by improving treatment outcomes and driving innovation. Through these advanced technologies, 3D printing is shaping the future of medical and dental care, providing solutions that were once thought impossible or prohibitively expensive.

Streamlined Operations in Medical and Dental 3D Printing

Desktop 3D printers and thermoforming machines have come a long way in their user-friendliness, serving as essential tools in both medical and dental settings. These devices are now compact enough to fit in the offices of medical facilities for quick turnarounds on prints, streamlining the design-to-production pipeline. A prime example is the ability of 3D printers to seamlessly convert digital scans from medical imagery or dental impressions into tangible models or functional appliances. This user-centric approach in medical 3D printing and dental applications significantly lowers the learning curve for healthcare professionals, facilitating on-site production, which in turn leads to notable time and cost savings.

Innovating Research and Development in Medicine and Dentistry with 3D Printing

In the high-stakes arenas of medical and dental care, the speed of development and production is crucial. 3D printing technologies are at the forefront of this acceleration, rapidly transforming designs into functional medical and dental devices. This swift prototyping capability is vital, significantly reducing the time from concept to clinical application, where timely solutions are often life-saving. By bypassing the slower processes of traditional manufacturing, 3D printers ensure that new, innovative treatments reach healthcare professionals and patients more quickly. This not only expedites the introduction of groundbreaking medical and dental advancements but also directly contributes to enhanced patient outcomes, underscoring the possibilities for 3D printing in healthcare.

3D Printed Medical Models to Prepare for Surgery

Texas-born Company Revolutionizes Surgical Rehearsals with 3D printed Organ Replicas

Texas-based company Lazarus 3D has created a system named Pre-Sure that uses MRI and CT scans to develop life-like 3D printed organs, including details such as tumors, to allow surgeons to rehearse procedures before performing surgery on patients.

Seattle Children’s Doctors Use 3D Printing to Help Train International Care Teams on Complex Surgery

Doctors at Seattle Children’s are now utilizing 3-D printed models created in the hospital’s Innovation Lab to train international care teams in a highly specialized procedure, known as a slide tracheoplasty, that improves airflow in a child’s obstructed airway.

3D Printed Aneurysm Model Used to Practice Procedure and Pre-select Equipment Before Surgery

A patient presented with a large cerebral aneurysm. Ahead of surgery to place a stent into the aneurysm, a 3D printed aneurysm model was created to help clinicians exactly plan and practice for the complex procedure.

3D Printed Prosthetics

The e-NABLE Open-Source Community Creating Free 3D Printed Hands and Arms

The e-NABLE open-source community is a group of committed volunteers who are using 3D printing technology to create free and low-cost assistive technology, including prosthetic hands and arms, to those in need, in over 100 countries around the world. For the past decade they have been making a difference with 3D printing. Learn how you can get involved.

3D Printing is Saving the Lives of Animals

A lot of people don’t think about how animals, both domesticated and wild, can benefit from prosthetics. In many cases, animals who were born without limbs or who have lost body parts in accidents or through disease, are often euthanized.

Now, 3D printing is saving animals’ lives.

3D Printing and Exoskeletons

3D printing is making it possible to create customizable exoskeleton prototypes for those who are unable to stand, sit or move on their own due to lack of strength or signal in their muscles.
Whether 3D printed parts are being incorporated into the design as end use parts or being used to prototype changes needed, This technology is making a difference.

3D Printing Medical Tools

3D-Printed Surgical Instruments: Materials, Types, and Advantages

Healthcare professionals are incredibly optimistic about 3D printing technology.
3D Printing allows manufacturers to produce tools for surgeries at a reduced cost and with exceptional efficiency. The hope is that providers can manufacture customized tools tailored to each patient's anatomical attributes, thereby enhancing the quality of care.

The Glia 3D Prined Stethoscope Project

With more than 3,000 3D printed and distributed since project inception, the Glia stethoscope is helping diagnose and treat patients around the world. Through open-source design development and innovation, as well as distribution efforts to low-resource areas, Glia supports healthcare professionals and creates equal care for all.

3D Printed Casts and Splints

ActivArmor offers individualized, 3D printed casts and splints for various diagnoses. The company is in the process of shifting to point-of-care printing and aims to promote positive healing outcomes and improved hygienics with customized support devices.

3D Printing in the Dental Industry

Faster, More Accurate Dental Models with 3D Printing

Using 3D printing technology, OpLab can quickly and easily create physical models of dental arches, reducing time, labor, and expenses in the process. The new approach means the team can achieve greater model accuracy, resulting in less error and a better service for their clients.

The 3D Printing Behind The Billion-Dollar Smile Business

Leaders in the $4 billion clear aligners market, such as Align Technology, the maker of Invisalign, owe their success to 3D printing technology. And we may be seeing just the tip of the iceberg as far as how much 3D printing will change the dental industry.

The Top 3D Printing Applications in Dentistry

3D printing in the dental industry is an incredible tool that allows the creation of parts adapted to the needs and morphology of each patient. Whether it is crowns and bridges, aligners and retainers, implants, medical models or surgical guides, 3D printing technology is taking the dental industry to a whole new level.

3D Printing in Cardiology

3D Printing is a Transformative Technology in Congenital Heart Disease

The prevalence of Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) is approximately 9 in 1,000 live births.

Obtaining the best outcomes requires an impact at multiple levels, including patients and caregivers, individual clinicians, the medical team and the health care system. 3D printing is a disruptive technology that is affecting each of these key areas in CHD.

3D Printed Heart Models: A Paradigm Shift in Paediatric Cardiology Training

Treating congenital heart defects in children requires intense and continuous training to learn and maintain the high-level skills of handling the catheter. Researchers have managed to develop a realistic ‘hands-on, patient-off’ simulation training using 3D printed models of both healthy hearts and those with congenital heart defects.

3D Printed Heart Muscle Beats

Researchers at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have developed a technique that allows them to 3D print a heart ventricle, that can then go on to beat rhythmically. The technology could allow researchers to create heart models to test new cardiac drugs and may even pave the way for fully implantable cardiac components.

3D Printing in Bone Health

Surgeons Push Barriers with 3D Printing for Bone Tumors

Despite the long-established prevalence of 3D printing in orthopedic oncology, some orthopedic surgeons said recent technological improvements and novel applications of the tool may help change the way cancerous tumors are treated.

First Surgical Patients Treated with CMFlex 3D-printed Regenerative Bone Graft

Several months after earning FDA clearance, a 3D-printed bone graft product is gaining steam, having now been used in a handful of surgical procedures.
The product in question is CMFlex, which was developed by Dimension Inx. It’s a synthetic bone graft material that’s customized to each individual patient and, once implanted, is designed to promote natural regeneration of the nearby bones.

CT-Bone®: Real Bone From the 3D Printer

After taking a CT-scan of the patient, a patient-specific implant is designed in collaboration with the surgeon. This design perfectly fits on the anatomy of the patient, ensuring good bone-to-implant contact and facilitating bony ingrowth. The design is 3D printed in calcium phosphate, the main constituent of natural bone.

3D Printing in Eye Care

Prosthetic Eyes of the Future Could be 3D Printed

Researchers at the Herston Biofabrication Institute in Australia are exploring the use of 3D printed prosthetic eyes in a small-scale trial. The aim is to determine whether these printed eyes can match the appearance and feel of the handcrafted versions made by skilled ocularists.

3D Printed Eye Glasses Frames

3D printing has impacted many industries and made custom manufacturing easier and cheaper than ever before. Frames for glasses and sunglasses are no different, and the customizability of 3D printing means you can ensure a perfect fit!

Saving Eyesight with a 3D Printed Eye Examination Kit

These incredible open source 3D printed devices are capable of achieving a 40 degree field of view with 10 times magnification – perfect for examining the intricacies of the human eye. And as it’s open source, anyone in the world can download it, print it and use it.

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