We have some great presentations for you in this webinar series! The whole series has wrapped up now, but you can still access all of the great content through the recordings and links below!

This webinar series was divided into two parts. The first part featured a four-hour content-packed session that served as a sort of tasting menu, with 10-15 minute presentations from each of our speakers.
Many of these presenters then went on to give longer presentations on the days that followed, allowing you to take a deeper dive into those topics. We hope you find these sessions to be valuable!

Recordings and Links from Previous Sessions

3D Printing in the Workplace and STEM Education

Short Introductory Sessions


A playlist with all of the recordings from this webinar series can be found here. The individual sessions are listed below.

Session Title Link to Recording Presenter Slides Additional Links and Info

BitSpace Introduction from Mike Hurley (President, BitSpace)


Ultimaker Introduction from Greg Elfering (President - Americas, Ultimaker)

Overview of Ultimaker product portfolio from Jeremy Simon (3D Universe)

Is Ultimaker Viable for Investment Casting Applications, with Tom Mueller (Mueller Additive Manufacturing Solutions)

Bit Space Design Jam with Kevin Smith (Bit Space)

Designing for FDM 3D Printing, Matt Griffin (Ultimaker)


3D Printing For Rapid Prototyping, Yoni Saltzman (Honeybee Robotics)



The Use of 3D Printing in the Earthmoving Industry, Ben Kovalick (Caterpillar, Inc.)


Eco-Friendly Materials Engineering, Chris Jackson (Terrafilum)

3D Printing Adoption in the Injection Molding Industry, Haleyanne Freedman (MHolland Co.)



3D Printing Materials Overview, Matt Griffin (Ultimaker)


Getting Started with Autodesk Fusion 360, Kevin Smith (Bit Space)


Ultimaker Cura Overview, Jeremy Simon (3D Universe)


Creating Today’s Makers and Tomorrow’s Life Changers Through 3D Printing Education, Mary Hadley (MakerGirl)

Intro to Upcoming Panels - Human-Centered Innovation and e-NABLE in the Classroom, Jen Owen (e-NABLE) and Neesha Rahim (Bit Space)



3D Printing for Cosplay with Dave Lysen

e-NABLE Online Resources and How to Find Device Recipients, Jeremy Simon (3D Universe & e-NABLE)


History of the e-NABLE Volunteer Community, Jen Owen (e-NABLE)


3D Printing and e-NABLE in STEM Education, Jen Owen (e-NABLE) and Samantha Gleisten (Bit Space)

3D Printing to Help with the Coronavirus Pandemic, Jeremy Simon (3D Universe & e-NABLE)


Full Length Sessions

Overview of Ultimaker product portfolio & open Q&A

Jeremy Simon, founder of 3D Universe, provides an overview of the current Ultimaker solution portfolio, including hardware, software, materials, and services. We review the latest offerings from Ultimaker, including the recently released Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle and Ultimaker S3.

Crowd-sourced 3D Printing for the COVID-19 Pandemic Response

In this session, 3D Universe founder and e-NABLE co-founder Jeremy Simon discusses ways that 3D printing can be used to help produce medical supplies to help with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Human-Centered Innovation: How to Equip Students with the Skills and Confidence to Inspire Change

Speakers: Ellen Deutscher, Esra Murray, Jen Owen, Samantha Gleisten, Neesha Rahim

The pace of change has increased greatly in the face of COVID-19. While politicians have closed national borders, scientists, makers, and innovators from across industries have come together in unprecedented ways to provide solutions in the fight against the virus. On display is the increased focus on and need for human-centered innovation and design.

Educators around the world were already teaching this before the crisis and are only more committed to building the skills necessary for this kind of innovation in students today. But how do you equip students with these skills the confidence and inspiration to engage in this kind of design process via remote learning?

Is it different from the design thinking we teach in school? What are the challenges and opportunities to consider? How do we bring all genders to the table?

Join us in a fast-paced discussion with the top female thought leaders in the design thinking space that leave you with practical strategies you can try with your own students.

Detailed notes and additional links can be found here.

Bit Space

Prototyping with Purpose: Human-Centered Engineering Design Challenges (with e-NABLE)

e-NABLE Volunteer Community

Book Recommendation: Creative Confidence by David and Tom Kelley

3D Printing Materials - Round Table Panel Discussion

Speakers: Jeremy Simon (3D Universe), Matt Griffin (Ultimaker), Chris Jackson (Terrafilum)

This workshop will go over which materials are available for use in 3D printing, how they perform, and what they are commonly used for. Still printing with PLA? Expand your horizons and learn about all of the other exciting material options available for 3D printing!
Materials have come a long way in recent years, and even the more advanced materials are a lot easier to print than they used to be. Learn about the many advanced engineering-grade materials and composite materials available to use for which projects, which are recommended for e-NABLE 3D printed hands and arms or PPE for healthcare heroes and much more!

A Photographic Journey of e-NABLE's History and Origins with Jen Owen

Speaker: Jen Owen, co-founder of e-NABLE

e-NABLE is a global movement of makers who are using 3D printing to create free 3D printed hands and arms for those who were born missing their fingers or have lost their limbs due to war, natural disaster, accident or illness. There are approximately 30,000 e-NABLE volunteers in over 100 countries worldwide who have collaborated to create and gift an estimated 10,000 free 3D printed hands and arms to those in need.
Over the past 8 years, the community has grown from focusing on 3D printed hands and arms to helping create prosthetics for birds, tactile learning tools for the blind, assistive devices for stroke survivors and much more.
Now many of those volunteers are switching gears to provide PPE for healthcare workers during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
During this presentation, led by e-NABLE co-founder Jen Owen, participants will learn about the history of e-NABLE and the origin story that led to a global movement of makers!
Join her on her photographic journey through the years, from the first metal hand puppet to new designs for life saving protective gear - all created by volunteers with 3D printers who wanted to "Give the World a Helping Hand."

enablingthefuture.org (Blog)

The e-NABLE Hub (Community forums)

e-NABLE Web Central (Matching app)


Wednesday, April 29th, 2:30-4pm PDT / 4:30-6pm CDT / 5:30-7pm EDT

3D Printed Prosthetics & K12: e-NABLE in the Classroom

Speakers: Neesha Rahim, Jen Owen, Jon Schull, Shashi Jain, Aaron Sottile, Michael Ecker, Amanda Scampini, Andrea Santiago-Boyd

Educators who seek to engage students in learning opportunities that are meaningful, relevant and based on making are often intrigued when they hear about the e-NABLE community.
This community of “Digital Humanitarian” volunteers from all over the world use their 3D printers to make free and low-cost prosthetic upper limb devices for children and adults in need. For years, this community has helped schools put 3D printers to use (and teach empathy & engineering) by supporting teachers to 3D print and put prosthetic hands together for donation through their network.
Join us to hear from educators who have brought this experience to their students. We will be discussing challenges, opportunities, tips and tricks. Additionally, attendees will gain access to an opportunity to deliver this experience to students at home with no 3D printing involved.

Thursday, April 30th, 1-3pm PDT / 3-4pm CDT / 4-5pm EDT

Cura Deep Dive - Extended Session

Speaker: Jeremy Simon (3D Universe)

Jeremy Simon, Founder of 3D Universe and an e-NABLE Co-founder, will give you a tour of Ultimaker Cura, the world's most popular 3D printing software. He'll show you advanced features you may not be aware of, like how to work with multiple models for dual-extrusion printing, or how to customize print settings in specific regions of a model. There will be a time for Q&A as well.

Thursday, April 30th, 2:30-4pm PDT / 4:30-6pm CDT / 5:30-7pm EDT

3D Modeling Design Jam: Using Prompts to Create

Speakers: Andy Halvorsen (BitSpace), Kevin Smith (BitSpace)
Kevin Smith VP/Creative Director and Andy Halvorsen, STEAM Integration Specialist, both of BitSpace will be teaching this design workshop that will lead participants through a project from idea generation to a design that is ready to be used as a blueprint for construction or for 3D printing.
We will be using the Ultimaker Design Engine Starter Pack for an activity to help get your mind churning and generating interesting design ideas. From there, Kevin and Andy will lead participants through the fundamentals of 3D modeling before branching out into the wider world of design possibilities. Fusion 360 is an industry-leading CAD/CAM software that you can use in your classroom. It is a powerful program used by architects, engineers, and industrial designers for all sorts of projects.
Kevin Smith is a licensed architect and expert maker who is passionate about bringing design & making programs to kids.
Andy Halvorsen is has a background in theater arts and our main liaison to our school partners, Andy has developed countless projects to engage educators and students.

Autodesk Fusion 360 is available FREE for students, educators, hobbyists, and business startups!

Autodesk Fusion 360 Online Course (15+ hours of video instruction, along with downloadable project files so you can follow along)

Autodesk Fusion 360 videos on YouTube

Fusion 360 courses from Autodesk

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