PrintDry™ Filament Dryer PRO3

Perfect moisture control solution for your 3D printing materials

By PrintDry

PrintDry™ Filament Dryer PRO3

Perfect moisture control solution for your 3D printing materials

By PrintDry

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The PrintDry Filament Drying System is an affordable product offering an easy solution for keeping your 3D printing materials in optimal condition. The PrintDry Filament Drying System eliminates the chance that moisture-laden filament will lead to failed prints.


Introducing the PrintDry™ PRO 3 Filament Dryer

If you’re looking for a perfect moisture control container for your filament storage needs, the PrintDry PRO 3 Filament Drying System is the perfect solution. This filament drying system container can hold up to two standard spools (up to 8" OD) and features an automatic humidity control and built-in timer. Simply set the desired temperature and time, put in the filament, and PrintDry will get to work! PrintDry is the quick, easy, and secure way to store your filaments hassle-free.


Digital Display

The built-in display makes it easy to set up the PrintDry PRO. Use the buttons to easily adjust the temperature with 5 presets (35ºC, 45ºC, 55ºC, 65ºC, and 75ºC).

Use the built-in timer (maximum time of 48 hours) to indicate how long the PrintDry PRO should operate.


Perfect Solution for 3D Printing with Hygroscopic Materials

When moisture being absorbed into hygroscopic filaments, the water molecules are attached to the polymer molecule chains of filaments, forming a strong inter-molecular bond. This bond is what makes drying the filament difficult. The desiccant packs coming inside a filament package are not strong enough to break the inter-molecular bond and “pull” the moisture out of the filament. Instead, the desiccant packs help more to prevent water content in a filament from going up other than reducing it. On the other hand, if exposed the desiccant itself will become saturated with moisture and lose its much-needed moisture absorbing capacity. Desiccant packs cannot reduce the water content inside filaments.

What’s required for drying 3D printing filaments is a dryer that heats up a filament completely, breaks the moisture/polymer bonds, and moves the moisture to the filament surface where it can be carried away, leaving the filament dry and ready for high-quality 3D printing.

The PrintDry Filament Dryer Basic Parameters of Drying

  • Drying Temperature: As the temperature is increased, the molecules inside a filament move more vigorously and this weakens/breaks the moisture/polymer inter-molecular bonds. In addition, heat also causes the air to expand, reducing the concentration of water molecules in it, making the air inside the dryer more able to absorb moisture. The water molecules can travel more freely through the filament at higher temperature. Generally speaking, the higher the drying temperature, the more quickly and thoroughly the filament will dry. However, if the drying temperature is too high, thermal degradation and/or oxidation may occur. Different filaments need different drying temperatures.
  • Moisture concentration differential: This refers to the amount of moisture in the filament versus that in the air surrounding the filament. Surrounding a moist filament with dry (low dew point) air, will encourage water molecules inside a filament to migrate more readily to the surface and eventually being carried away by air.
  • Drying Time: Filaments do not dry instantly. First, it takes time for the heat to penetrate/distribute throughout the filament interior, especially those deeply buried in the spool. Second, it takes time for the newly freed water molecules to defuse to the surface of the filament.
  • Air Flow: Airflow carries heat to the filament and also carries water molecules away.


Recommended Drying Time

Package Contents

PrintDry™ Filament Dryer

Package Contents

  • 1 PrintDry PRO 3 Filament Dryer
  • 2 metal shafts
  • 4 big spool adapters
  • 4 small spool adapters


  • Active Drying Technology
  • Dryer Temp Range: 35-85°C or 95-185°F
  • Continuous Drying Time: 48 Hours (max)
  • Power Supply: 120VAC/60Hz or 220VAC/50Hz, 245W
  • Spool Dimensions: OD <200mm (8")
  • Weight: 3.8Kg or 8.5lbs
  • Size: 340mm (L) x 285mm (W) x 350mm (H)

Get the Quality Filament You Need

Nothing will impact your 3D printing results like the kind of filament you use. Good filament is highly consistent in diameter, is wound evenly onto the spool with just the right amount of tension, and will not tangle when being unwound. 3D Universe offers a wide range of high-quality filaments to choose from. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all filament we sell. If you have any problems, just send back the unused portion of the spool for a full refund. Check out our filament collection...

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