Matter and Form THREE 3D Scanner

Matter and Form THREE 3D Scanner

THREE features a built-in CPU and GPU, 13MP Sony optical sensors, a state-of-the-art DLP projector, and WIFI/ethernet connectivity. With extensive research and development, we created software that fully exploits the hardware to capture and intelligently process +/-50 micron accurate scans in about 20 seconds.

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THREE features a built-in CPU and GPU, 13MP Sony optical sensors, a state-of-the-art DLP projector, and WIFI/ethernet connectivity. With extensive research and development, we created software that fully exploits the hardware to capture and intelligently process +/-50 micron accurate scans in about 20 seconds.


Matter and Form THREE 3D Scanner

  • Matter and Form THREE™ lets you scan an astonishing range of object sizes - 3D scan a coin or a car- with metrology-level accuracy and resolution. THREE's unique ChromaSpec™ technology uses the full spectrum of visible light to perfectly capture geometry and any color.

  • THREE is the world's first 3D scanner with fully onboard software that runs in any modern web browser and on any operating system. Use THREE with ANY device that supports Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge web browsers.

  • THREE connects to your network with WIFI or Ethernet and provides software through its built-in web server. THREE stores your scan projects in its internal storage. There is no software to install, no cloud service, no subscription fee, no wire attaching your computer to THREE, and no internet connection required. Everything you need for incredible 3D scanning is self-contained in THREE.

  • THREE is also a fully-functioning edge computing device with popular programming tools integrated. Supported by open source projects and a full API, you can develop your own computer vision and scanning projects, and THREE will run them for you.

Scan Any Size

Most 3D scanners have a restricted object capture range, so you need one scanner for small objects, and a second scanner for large objects, and maybe even a third scanner for medium-sized objects. Not anymore. THREE gives you powerful projected light and focusable, high-resolution cameras, so you can rely on THREE for practically any scanning job, regardless of the object size.

Whether you're reverse-engineering a discontinued mechanical component, modifying a gaming miniature, capturing a sculpture, or creating content for your 3D printer, THREE is your versatile 3D scanning tool.

Scan a toy car or a real car! Both are possible with the THREE 3D Scanner!

Awesome Color Capture

THREE’s breakthrough ChromaSpec™ algorithm uses the full color spectrum to detect and process different-colored areas of the object. With THREE, most of the time you won’t need to worry about scan sprays. Instead of messing around, trying to get the settings just right, THREE lets you quickly get the scan you need, and keep your project moving forward.

A Revolutionary Software Approach

THREE's software is built-in. There's nothing to install on your computer, and you don't need a powerful gaming computer either. THREE is a pure pleasure to use with an iPad, or Linux, or a Chromebook. Windows, IOS, MacOS, Android, all good. Whatever you have that runs a modern web browser will run THREE!

THREE does NOT need an internet connection and THREE is NOT a cloud service.
THREE runs its own web server and WIFI hotspot, and stores your scan projects internally. To make it even easier, you can connect THREE to your network with WIFI or Ethernet. Then, open your web browser and connect to "http://matterandform.local"

Now you're using THREE!

Matter and Form have been building 3D scanning software for the past 10 years. We know how to make complicated processes easy to understand. THREE is accurate like the best of the best metrology scanners, but easy enough that a middle school student can get up and running in a few minutes.  

Full API and Edge Computing

THREE is probably the most versatile 3D scanner ever made, with an incredible range of capturable object sizes and a full API. That's awesome by itself, but THREE is also (as far as we know) the ONLY 3D scanner in the world that is an edge computing device. You can create your own 3D and 2D computer vision and 3D scanning programs and THREE will run them for you.

Supported with open source projects and powerful plugins like JupyterLab and Python, THREE is your opportunity to get into the exciting and expanding field of 2D and 3D computer vision and automation systems.

With a full API, you can control THREE remotely from your computer, or a robot, or a robotic arm, or maybe even combine it with Home Assistant. Your creative possibilities are endless! Whether you're a vision professional, or a student taking your first steps in machine vision, THREE is an amazing tool with the support you need.

Metrology Resolution and Accuracy

Distance From Scanner Z Accuracy in Microns Resolution in Microns




400 mm/15.74"



700 mm/27.55"



Min Detail Size: 0.2mm

Max Object Size: Theoretically unlimited, but practically limited to 16gb storage

Working Distance: 200mm to 800mm

How it Works

Check out these videos to see how THREE works. We're off to a fantastic start, but remember these (and all the scans above) were made with a pre-factory prototype of THREE, running Alpha-version software. Your THREE will be even better, and after delivery you can expect new software features and improvements on a regular release schedule.

Scan Examples

The following 3D scans were made with pre-factory prototype THREE hardware and alpha-version THREE software. We have work to complete before THREE is ready for the world, but we're also really excited about these scan results! This is what you can expect from your THREE 3D scanner.  

Development is on-track for launch and we're so excited. Check out these scans, then check out the videos of THREE in use in the "How it Works" section below!

3D Scan Tiny Details with THREE

THREE scanned this Canadian $1 coin (the "Loonie"). Loonies are metal and usually shiny, but this one had a scuffed, dull patina. Regardless, we wanted to use scan spray on it but the spray obscured the surface details! They are that tiny! We wiped off the spray coating and made this beautiful turntable scan.

3D Scan Any Color with THREE ChromaSpec™

A Rubik's Cube is a surprisingly challenging object to scan due to having six different colors, black edging, and a cube shape. Challenging for some 3D scanners but not a problem for THREE! We captured it with four turntable scans, then aligned them together using THREE's Point Pick feature.

3D Scan Mechanical Parts

THREE scanned this water pump, even the black gaskets on each end, with minimal effort!

3D Scan Medium-Sized Objects with THREE

This cool air intake scan was performed in a household garage with no special lighting, equipment or preparation, just THREE and an iPad! Check out the process of capturing and processing this scan in the "How it Works" video section below.

3D Scan Large Objects with THREE

This 2002 Yamaha Vino scooter took some time to scan, but it shows beautifully how much capability you'll have in your hands. THREE is an incredible tool that you can rely on to capture the tiniest of details to the largest of objects.

There is nothing else like THREE!

What's in the Box?

  • Wired Turntable, with silicone top. Capable of turning up to 20 lbs
  • International power adapter plugs
  • Large Calibration Card
  • Calibration Card Holder
  • Small Calibration Card
  • THREE Scanner with Wireless antenna
  • 12V 5A power brick with 10 foot cable
  • Premium mini tripod with flexible legs


Technology: Stereo camera structured light with focusable cameras

CPU: Quad-core 64bit SoC 1.5GHz with integrated GPU


Internal Storage: 16GB

Projector: DLP MEMS mirror

Camera Sensor: Sony 13 megapixels

Scan Speed: 4 seconds

Processing Speed: 10-15 seconds

Alignment: Automatic/Point-pick

Connection Type: WIFI/Gigabit Ethernet/Hotspot

Scan Modes: Automated Turntable / Single Scan Open Area

Scanning Environment: Indoor (or outdoor shaded)

Texture / Color Scanning: Yes

Scanner Weight: 1.50 lbs

Scanner Dimensions: 9.88 " x 4.68" x 1.2"

Operating Systems: ANY (must support a modern web browser)

Devices Supported: ANY (must support a modern web browser)

API Access: Yes

Open Source Project Support: Yes

Edge Computing (User-Programming): Yes

Output Formats: OBJ, PLY, XYZ, GLTF, DAE, STL, FBX

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