Aquasys GP Filament (2.85mm, 500g)

High-performance water-soluble supports

AquaSys GP is a water-soluble support material that is a replacement for PVA and is compatible with most polyesters.

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AquaSys GP is a water-soluble support material that is a replacement for PVA and is compatible with most polyesters.


About Aquasys GP

AquaSys GP is a soluble solution ideal for the entry-level user because of its fast dissolution, easy removal, and material compatibility. Access the technical specifications and safety information that showcase why this support material is so accessible.

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Disruptive Benefits of AquaSys GP

Print With a Clean Conscience.

A significant part of AquaSys GP is derived from a naturally-occurring element that’s rapidly mineralized in the environment. It’s safe to dispose of through most waste management platforms— but be sure to check your local regulations first.

Dramatically Reduce Post Processing

Dissolving supports in plain tap water avoids the tedious, hands-on removal that risks breakage and abrasion. Engineered to leave behind a smooth surface finish when compared to PVA, AquaSys GP can help you achieve greater print success, faster iteration, and fewer setbacks.

Get More Done in Less Time

AquaSys GP filament dissolves 20% faster at room temperature when compared to PVA. Additionally, with AquaSys GP you can rely on excellent print fidelity on even the most complex geometries.

Enjoy Unmatched Thermal Stability

AquaSys GP supports engineered polyesters in chamber temperatures up to 30º C, printing at a 20% faster dissolution at room temperature when compared to PVA. AquaSys GP is compatible with PLA, PET, PETG, and most polyesters.

Dissolvable, hands-off support removal allows for complex design features, enabling new possibilities for everything from flightworthy plane parts to highly specific surgical molds.

Jigs & fixtures.

Replace traditional jig and fixture production methods with a smart, simple approach to FFF. Precision, specificity, and complexity are highly sought after and achievable with AquaSys GP.

Rapid prototyping.

Create and experiment with a broad range of materials and produce end-use parts with FFF — all without wasting time or risking damaged prototypes with breakaway support removal.

End-use products.

Compatible with commonly used plastics like PLA and PETG, AquaSys GP is uniquely suited to support the production of tough, functional parts.

Finish clean.

AquaSys GP is a completely water-soluble support material that doesn’t require toxic finishing chemicals, making it ideal for manufacturing, general purpose plastics, and educational uses—while also relieving the waste disposal burden for all users.


• Weight: 2.3 kg
• Dimensions: 13 × 12 × 4 cm
• Diameter: 2.85 mm
• Volume: 500 g
• Extruder temperature: 225-255˚ C
• Build plate temperature: 40 - 60˚ C
• Chamber temperature: up to 30˚ C
• Build Plate Requirements: Glass / PEI
• Compatible with PLA, PET, and PETG
• Storage: Store in sealed bag in a cool, dry location when not in use.
• Water Solubility: 50-80ºC in agitated water. 100% water soluble.
• Applications: Rapid prototyping

Download the TDS
Download the SDS

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