3D Printable Project Kits

Everything You Need to Assemble 3D Printed e-NABLE Devices

One of the things that makes 3D printing so enjoyable is the vast array of 3D printable items available freely on the Internet, via sites like Thingiverse. Some of the more interesting creations, however, require additional materials that can’t be produced on your 3D printer (yet). Additional materials might include assembly parts, electronics components, special coatings, etc. By utilizing our 3D Printed Project Kits along with parts produced on your 3D printer, you can easily complete projects that might otherwise be intimidating.

Special Offer for e-NABLE Volunteers

Through a partnership with the Million Waves Project, you are likely eligible to have your e-NABLE assembly materials kit paid for 100% free of charge! Simply email millionwavesproject@gmail.com and let them know about your project. If you are making a hand for yourself or someone in need, they will pay for your kit and have it shipped directly to you! Due to funding requirements, please provide the age, location and gender of the recipient you will use the kit for so that information can be shared with the Million Waves Project donors. This program does not apply for other types of projects at this time (hand builds for e-NABLE assessments or school projects).

For a free kit email: millionwavesproject@gmail.com with the subject: e-NABLE Kit Request. Please remember to provide the age, location and gender of the recipient you will use the kit for.

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