Ultimaker Print Core Red CC (0.6mm)

The Ultimaker print core that's designed to handle abrasive materials

By Ultimaker

Ultimaker Print Core Red CC (0.6mm)

The Ultimaker print core that's designed to handle abrasive materials

By Ultimaker


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Intended for use with the S5
Contains ruby-tipped nozzle

Ultimaker’s CC Red 0.6 mm Print Core enables you to print using abrasive materials on your Ultimaker S3 or S5 3D printer. This new print core contains a highly wear-resistant ruby cone tip that has a 1,000 hour life span, which equates to approximately 10 kg of carbon fiber-filled material. Now you can safely print with filaments containing metal or carbon fiber on your Ultimaker S3 or S5, thus further increasing its range of practical applications.

Important Note: Ultimaker does not support swapping the nozzles on Ultimaker print cores. If you wish to use a different nozzle size, you need to purchase a separate print core with the appropriate size nozzle. Trying to change the nozzle on a print core can result in damage to the internal components and will void the warranty.

Note: We are authorized to sell this product in the United States, only.

The Next Generation of Reliability Maximize the print performance and machine uptime with Ultimaker's swappable, material-matching print cores. Make the most out of reliable build and support material combinations for geometric freedom or print in dual color.
Ultimaker Print Core Red CC (0.6mm) has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.

Increased Range of Material Choices

Ultimaker's standard AA Build Cores are out-of-the-box able to handle a wide range of thermoplastics. But, when used with filaments that contain materials like metal or carbon fiber, the nozzles eventually wear down from abrasion. With the introduction of the new CC Red 0.6mm Print Core, you now have at your disposal a print core that enables you safely print with abrasive materials while protecting your equipment. Thus, your range of 3D printing possibilities is further expanded.

The new CC Red 0.6mm print core is specifically designed to be used with the Ultimaker S5. As a number of the Ultimaker S5's components are fabricated from hardened steel, it is designed to withstand more "punishment" than its earlier generation Ultimaker siblings.

Important Compatibility Information
The new CC Red 0.6mm print core will function perfectly fine with the Ultimaker 3 and the Ultimaker 3 Extended, although doing so is not officially supported by Ultimaker. As such, you will receive a compatibility warning on the printer that you'll need to override.

Accurate temperature reading
Maintain the perfect temperature for an even better quality print‚ with automatic, accurate temperature readings.


Lifetime support
Ultimaker offers free support for all of their products‚ guaranteed for a lifetime.

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