Snapmaker 2.0 Rotary Module

Make in a new dimension


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Meet the Rotary Module for Snapmaker 2.0 A350 & A250. With the 4th dimension added, this compact powerhouse enables a more advanced CNC and laser process, taking a big leap from 2.5D to real 3D machining.


Snapmaker Rotary Module Key Features

• Desktop 4-axis machining
• Ultra precision machining with strain wave gearing
• Free 4-axis software support
• Intuitive user experience with Origin Assistant
• Auto Focus for laser enabled
• Swappable 3-jaw chuck that can clamp inwards or outwards
• Base plate can be installed on different positions
• Compatible with all current and future Snapmaker 2.0 addons
• Fully utilize features on the enclosure and emergency stop button

A350/A250 Rotary Module Bundle

Comes with both the Rotary Module and Emergency Stop Button.

The Snapmaker 2.0 Rotary Module is compatible with all current and future addons. Using the rotary module in combination with the emergency stop button ensures an even safer working environment.


Maximum Material Size & Dimensions

Material Size

• A350 Rotary Module: 170 length × 68 radius (mm)
• A250 Rotary Module: 70 length × 68 radius (mm)


• A350 Rotary Module: 120 width × 384 depth × 108 height (mm)
• A250 Rotary Module: 120 width × 284 depth × 108 height (mm)

Make in a new dimension

The Snapmaker 2.0 Rotary Module adds a 4th axis to your Snapmaker, making it an extremely mighty desktop CNC machining powerhouse, and much more.

Desktop application of CNC machining

Rotary module excels at making three-dimensional artworks such as desktop miniatures and small-sized sculptures. Without under extrusion, layer shifting, stringing, or supports of FDM or SLA, the rotary module can accomplish a level of detail and craftsmanship that no other 3D printing technologies can.


Rotary CNC carving and laser engraving

By adding a 4-axis, the rotary module enables your Snapmaker to rotary CNC carve and laser.

Ultra-fine machining without missing any details

The rotary module uses strain wave gearing and packs a 100:1 speed reducer that converts the power to a lower output speed. This allows the 3-jaw chuck to rotate with a minimum angle of 0.1°. Now, you can make on uneven and irregular surfaces without missing a step.

Precise control at your fingertips

360° continuous rotation with a maximum angular speed of 45° per second, the rotary module is one fast sculptor. Along with precise control ranging from 0.2, 1, and 5-degree rotation on the touchscreen, you can really see the difference in every motion.

  • 360° continuous rotation
  • 45°/s maximum angular speed
  • 0.2° precise control

Add exquisite works to your collection

Whether it is a brave dwarf king with wavy beards, a beasty orc chiefdom with legendary weapons or a hollow candle holder, the Snapmaker 2.0 Rotary Module can make them all. Laser engraving you ask? The rotary module can handle that as well, no problem.

Dwari The Dynamiter

Model: A350 + Rotary CNC
Time: 18h
Material: Epoxy tooling board

King’s Bust

Model: A350 + Rotary CNC
Time: 12h
Material: Epoxy tooling board


Hollow Candle Holder

Model: A350 + Rotary CNC
Time: 16h
Material: Epoxy tooling board

Siberian Tiger

Model: A350 + Rotary Laser
Time: 2h
Material: Kraft cylinder



Generate 4-axis projects right in Snapmaker Luban

Snapmaker Luban is the go-to free CAD and CAM software for your 4-axis projects. You can create your designs from scratch in our bundled software with ease.


Carve hollow objects

Import STL files and carve hollow objects with uniquely shaped outer shells in our software. Advanced 4-axis linkage support, which allows X, Y, Z, and B axes to move simultaneously, has also been added for full control.

Meet Origin Assistant, your next intuitive CNC carving experience

New Touchscreen

The new touchscreen feature, Origin Assistant, smoothens your experience and interaction with rotary carving. Presetting CNC bits, setting origins and Z-offsets, and installing materials are made simple. You can also choose Assist Mode for an easier process or Manual Mode for more flexible controls.The standard ER11 Collet guarantees a better concentricity that allows for a more stable CNC carving speed and larger step-down. It also supports over one hundred carving and cutting bits. The diameters of the bits range from 0.5 mm/0.02" to 6.35 mm/0.25".


Make it your way

The 3-jaw chuck supports objects with sizes up to 170 length × 68 radius (mm) with the tailstock or 225 length × 68 radius (mm) without the tailstock. You can also use a compatible chuck on the market.



The tailstock center holds objects securely in place.

The base plate has holes on both sides so that you can install the headstock and tailstock at different locations.


Multi-material support

The rotary module supports dozens of materials including wood, tooling boards, plastic, bamboo, leather, fabric, non-transparent acrylics, and more.

About that learning curve.

Rotary carving is known for having a bit of a learning curve and not as user friendly to newcomers. That’s why we took a step further to smoothen your transition from 3-axis to 4-axis machining.



Sleek design you’ve always loved

The Snapmaker 2.0 Rotary Module carries the same design signature from the Snapmaker 2.0. The metallic grey finish gives it a sophisticated look and feel. Fully anodized aero-grade aluminum is the secret to its durability.

Make with confidence

Start rotary carving, something went awry, press the Snapmaker 2.0 Emergency Stop Button, and start fresh again. The Snapmaker 2.0 Emergency Stop Button is designed to provide an extra layer of safety for 3D printing, laser engraving, and CNC carving. Simply press the stop button and your operation will come to a halt.




Peace of mind.

The Snapmaker 2.0 Emergency Stop Button can be installed practically anywhere, which means you can easily access the stop button when it matters most. Imagine if you wanted to salvage your art piece or the bit was about to crash into the machine, you pressed the stop button without thinking and further potential harm was prevented.


Glowing status indicators for extra reliability

The Snapmaker 2.0 Emergency Stop Button connects to the main controller of the machine. It sends a stop signal to the controller at your command and has glowing status indicators, green for standby, flashing red for activated, and alternating between green and red for connecting, so you know you are protected.


Package Contents

Snapmaker 2.0 Rotary Module

Package Contents

2 Sizes to choose from, each comes with:

  • Quick Start Guide ×1
  • Rotary Headstock × 1
  • Tailstock x 1
  • A250 or A350 Base x 1
  • Mask x 1
  • Badge x 1
  • Material for Laser x 3
  • Material for CNC x 3
  • Straight Grove V-bit x 1
  • M4 × 8 Hex Socket Head Screw × 6
  • M4 × 14 Hex Socket Head Screw × 14
  • M4 × 10 Hex Socket Head Screw × 4
  • Chuck Wrench x 2
  • ABS Glue x 1

One-year warranty included.


Two models to suit your needs


A250 Rotary Module


120 width × 284 depth × 108 height (mm)


2.2 kg

Material Length Range

10 - 70 mm, with tailstock or 10 - 125mm, without tailstock

Maximum Material Size

70 length × 68 radius (mm), with tailstock or 125 length × 68 radius (mm), without tailstock

A350 Rotary Module


120 width × 384 depth × 108 height (mm)


2.4 kg

Material Length Range

10 - 170 mm, with tailstock or 10 - 225mm, without tailstock

Maximum Material Size

170 length × 68 radius (mm), with tailstock or 225 length × 68 radius (mm), without tailstock

Technical specifications


Aluminum alloy

Maximum Angular Speed


Rotation Tyle

360° continuous

Rotation Spead Conversion

100: 1


0.1° Angle Precision and 0.2° Precise Control

Inward-clamping Range

1 - 30 radius (mm)

Outward-clamping Range

10 - 50 radius (mm)

Supported Software

Snapmaker Luban, Autodesk Fusion 360, Vectric Aspire

Supported CNC Material

Wood, tooling and modeling board, plastic, bamboo, wax, more being tested

Supported Laser Material

Wood, leather, plastic, fabric, paper, non-transparent acrylic, more being tested

Supported File Type

.stl, .bmp, .svg, .dxf, .jpg, .jpeg, .png

Emergency stop button


48 width × 40 depth × 68 height (mm), without conversion plate or 48 width × 48 depth × 78 height (mm), with conversion plate


0.2 kg

Rated Voltage

24 V

Rated Current

0.01 A

Helpful Resources

Support Resources

For general usage questions, contact 3D Universe:

Phone: 800-689-4344

For hardware-related support, contact Snapmaker Support:

Phone: +86 (0) 755 26926117 - Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:30-18:30 (GMT+8:00)


User manuals and Quick Start guides can be found on this page.


3D Printing Resources

Snapmaker Luban Software:

STL Files:

  • Thingiverse: Most comprehensive site available for free downloadable STL files
  • YouMagine: Another excellent site for free STL files
  • Yeggi: A search engine for finding 3D printable files

CAD Software:

  • TinkerCAD: A free, easy-to-use browser-based CAD solution. Great option for beginners
  • SketchUp: A popular CAD software, free for personal use
  • FreeCAD: A free, open-source parametric 3D modeler
  • Blender: A powerful open-source 3D modeler, popular and full of great features, but with a steep learning curve
  • Autodesk Fusion 360: A powerful, full-featured, browser-based parametric modeling solution, free for students and startups
  • OpenSCAD: This free CAD tool uses a textual programming-style language to create solid-body objects instead of using visual modeling tools

Videos and Tutorials

How to use CNC Function with Rotary Module

Intro to Snapmaker Luban 4.0 for 4-axis CNC Carving

How to Use Rotary Laser Engraving

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