Recon Biotech TissueBot 3D Bioprinter

Bringing the power of 3D bioprinting to your students

Recon Biotech TissueBot 3D Bioprinter

Bringing the power of 3D bioprinting to your students

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Introducing the Recon Biotech TissueBot Educational 3D Bioprinting Platform, designed with your students in mind. This 3D bioprinter features a companion laboratory series, giving you everything you need to get started.

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Introducing the Recon Biotech TissueBot Educational 3D Bioprinting Platform, designed with your students in mind. This 3D bioprinter features a companion laboratory series, giving you everything you need to get started.


Introducing the Recon Biotech TissueBot Educational 3D Bioprinting Platform

The Recon Biotech TissueBot Educational 3D Bioprinting Platform is designed with your students in mind. This 3D bioprinter features a companion laboratory series, giving you everything you need to get started.

Key features include:

  • Modular platform, supporting current and future add-ons
  • Extrusion-based bioprinting using heated syringe extruders for ease-of-use and versatility
  • Includes the world’s first plug-and-play lathe module, designed to deliver the power of additive-lathe 3D bioprinting
  • Includes plug-and-play nebulizer module to provide misting of cross-linking agents while printing
  • Heated build platform
  • Includes USB microscopy module for detailed inspection and image capture
  • Includes 1080p webcam module for monitoring and image capture
  • Includes companion laboratory series with ready-to-use experiments for your classroom

Function Over Aesthetics

Are you paying for looks, or are you paying for utility?

The open design of our 3D bioprinter takes away the mystery of how the technology works. We like that. Science cannot advance when students and researchers simply learn to use a black box without fundamentally absorbing the process. We believe the only way to drive this technological field forward is to allow users to build an intimate familiarity with how the machine works.

Precision control of extruder and print bed temperature allows for bioprinting with a wide range of bioink and bioink blends.

Designed for Education, Powerful Enough for Research

We designed this 3D bioprinting platform to fill an unmet need: educating students. But this machine has the functionality, the precision, the software, and the reliability to perform cutting-edge research in the tissue engineering field. And best of all, a price tag that virtually any academic department or lab can justify.

3D bioprinting machines currently on the market can range from $20K-$300K, yet all share similar structure and function. By offering a competitively powerful machine for $7,500, and by offering a series of modules to extend the machines’ base capabilities, we offer academic researchers value in their investment.

Powerful Cloud-Based Software

The Recon Cloud Platform exposes control of our 3D Bioprinters and peripherals, both for in-person and remote operation. Recon Biotech is constantly updating and improving their cloud platform based on user feedback, which is combined with a robust roadmap of features already identified, to make crafting and executing 3D bioprinting sessions simple and intuitive.

The Recon Cloud Platform provides two core offerings -- manual printer control software and a 3D bioprint designer -- both working together to empower users to move the needle in the nascent bioprinting space.

Not Just a Bioprinting Machine

The utility of a 3-axis robot with a series of quick-change and plug-and-play modules which perform various automated tasks is a powerful tool. We foresee customers who may use the platform both in ways it was conceived for, and in ways radically different from its original design.

Setting the Record Straight on 3D Bioprinting

Many commercial 3D bioprinters have astronomical price tags -- but they don’t have to.

In 2010, the lowest-cost commercially available (non-open source) desktop 3D printer was just under USD $10,000*. Today, many companies offer desktop 3D printers for less than $500 that are powerful workhorses, with no corners cut. With advances in technology, capabilities continue to increase while prices continue to decrease.

*R. Jones et al., “RepRap – the replicating rapid prototyper,” Robotica, vol. 29, no. 1, pp. 177–191, Jan. 2011.

The anatomy of a typical FDM (Fused-Deposition Modeling) 3D printer is fairly simple: a positioning system, deposition tools, and control software.

Positioning system: The average desktop plastic 3D printer moves a deposition head around in 3D space relative to the printing platform. This is most often accomplished by coordinating the precision movements of several stepper motors with the control software. The machines turn the rotational movement of a stepper motor into linear movement of the print head or printing platform using a system of belts, a system of lead screws, or a combination of the two. It’s as simple as that. Underneath the bells and whistles, a 3D bioprinter costing 6-figures utilizes the same basic technology as a $200 desktop plastic 3D printer.

By the way, 3D bioprinting often requires LESS precision than desktop plastic 3D printers. Don’t pay for what you don’t need.

Deposition Tools: With the positioning system of most 3D printers relying on very similar technology, the tool set of the machine dictates its utility. Many systems of material deposition have been described, but most mainstream applications are covered by biomaterial extrusion from a syringe through a deposition tip. Extrusion is accomplished either through mechanical force applied to the syringe plunger (often with a stepper motor-lead screw system), or pneumatically by precise pressurization of the syringe with air. These systems are non-trivial, but also aren’t new. Our system offers a temperature-controllable, stepper motor-driven syringe deposition system.

Control Software: Most desktop 3D printers speak a common language, called G-Code. To operate the machine, specific gcode commands are sent to trigger the necessary actions. It's pretty basic software, for the most part, but some companies charge huge fees for custom software solutions to operate their machines. Recon Biotech offers free cloud-based software for controlling all aspects of your TissueBot machine from an easy-to-use web-based interface.

Package Contents

Recon Biotech TissueBot

Package Contents

  • Educational 3D bioprinter
  • Power cable
  • Glass build plate
  • Nebulizer module
  • Nebulizer module cable
  • Syringe extrusion module - temperature controllable
  • USB Microscope module
  • Additive-lathe module
  • Additive-lathe module cable
  • Tool kit
  • USB flash drive with educational materials


Recon Biotech TissueBot




Outer Dimensions

440 mm x 410 mm x 340 mm

Build Area

220 mm x 220 mm

Shipping Box Dimensions

21.5 x 21 x 9.5 in (546 mm x 533 mm x 241 mm)

Shipping Weight

14.5 kg

Print Technology

Heated syringe extrusion

Temperature Control


Positioning Accuracy

± 0.1 mm

Layer Resolution

0.1 mm


Recon Biotech Cloud Host Software (included with purchase)

Supported OS

Windows / Mac / Linux

Downloadable Spec Sheet

Helpful Resources

Support Resources

For general usage questions, contact 3D Universe:

Phone: 800-689-4344

For hardware-related support, contact Recon Biotech Support:



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