ColorFabb nGen_FLEX Filament 2.85mm (650 g)

Semi-flexible 3D Printing Polymer from Netherlands-based ColorFabb


nGen_FLEX is engineered as a semi-flexible material, which allows most users to print at regular print speeds, cutting down build times compared to other more flexible filaments. Also, bowden style 3D printers will be able to push this filament through without much trouble.

Next Generation of High-Quality European Filament
With a strong reputation for delivering high-quality materials, Netherlands-based ColorFabb continues to be a dominant player in the upper echelons of the filament market. At 3D Universe, we've been pleased to provide their 3D printing materials to U.S.-based customers. We're now even more excited to announce that we are offering ColorFabb's next generation nGen_FLEX filament.

Flexy-Hand 2
Flexy-Hand 2:

nGen_FLEX was developed with Eastman chemical company. Based on their work with co-polyesters nGen_FLEX makes a very compatible material with other Amphora grade materials. This means you can expect to mix nGen and nGen_FLEX with good adhesion properties to truly form a dual extruded model.

With just the right amount of flex, nGen_FLEX is best described as a semi-flexible material. Still capable of being fed through a Bowden tube and printed at regular PLA speeds.

3D Universe is pleased to offer nGen_FLEX in five skin-tone colors (in addition to black and dark gray). These colors were chosen and developed together with several NGOs who are active in East Africa and the Middle East and with the goal to be able to meet local sensitivities in terms of printing prosthetics.

Recommended 3d printing temperature: 240 - 260C
Recommended 3d print speed: 40 - 60 mm/s
Recommended Heated bed: 80C + LokBuild

Fanatical Commitment to Quality Control
With its own dedicated testing facility, ColorFabb is obsessive about the quality of their filament. During production, their advanced systems monitor the diameter of their filament as many as 1000 times per second. Thus, they're willing to guarantee 0.05mm +/- on their 3D printing filaments. You can be assured that your printer is extruding the exact amount of material desired.

Moreover, ColorFabb tests and verifies their filament on a wide range of 3D printers, including Ultimaker 3D printers.

Packaging Quality
Each spool of colorFabb 3D printing filament comes sealed airtight in a double barrier foil, which protects it from the elements as it makes its trip to your 3D printer.

If you have a question about proper usage of any of their products, drop us a line: As one of their US-based distribution partners, we're happy to help you get the best results.

Get the Quality Filament You Need

Nothing will impact your 3D printing results like the kind of filament you use. Good filament is highly consistent in diameter, is wound evenly onto the spool with just the right amount of tension, and will not tangle when being unwound. 3D Universe offers a wide range of high-quality filaments to choose from. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all filament we sell. If you have any problems, just send back the unused portion of the spool for a full refund. Check out our filament collection...

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