3D Universe 2.85mm Multi-Material Filament Bundle

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By 3D Universe

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Includes 12 spools in a variety of materials
High-quality filament, made in the USA

Note: Colors may be substituted based upon availability. Bundles can be customized upon request.

Each 3D Universe 2.85mm Multi-Material Filament Bundle includes 12 spools of 3D Universe brand filament in a variety of materials: 3 spools of PLA (750g), 3 spools of ABS (750g), 3 spools of Nylon (600g), 2 spools of PETG (750g), and 1 spool of ASA (750g).

Ready to Start Experimenting?

Our multi-material filament bundle is a great way to explore the possibilities of 3D printing! Each bundle includes 12 spools of 3D Universe brand filament, including the following:

  • (1) PLA Red (750g)
  • (1) PLA White (750g)
  • (1) PLA Green (750g)
  • (1) ABS Black (750g)
  • (1) ABS White (750g)
  • (1) ABS Silver (750g)
  • (1) Nylon Black (600g)
  • (1) Nylon White (600g)
  • (1) Nylon Grey (600g)
  • (1) PETG Black (750g)
  • (1) PETG Blue (750g)
  • (1) ASA Black (750g)



*Note: Colors may be substituted based upon availability. Bundles can be customized upon request.


PLA (Polylactic Acid)
Created from plant products, such as corn, potatoes, sugar beets, etc., PLA is considered a more "earth-friendly" material than other petroleum-based plastics like ABS. PLA can be composted at commercial compost facilities. It won't bio-degrade in your backyard or home compost pile, however.

PLA is an excellent material for beginners, as it's easy to print with due to the fact that it has minimal warping tendencies. It can even be printed without a heated bed if needed. PLA is fairly strong but more brittle than ABS, and it has a semi-gloss finish. PLA's lower melting temperature makes it a poor choice for objects that require significant heat resistance. For example, PLA objects left in a hot car may become deformed.

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
ABS is a petroleum-based plastic. It is stronger, with slightly more flexibility compared to PLA. It also offers improved heat resistance, making it suitable for engineering purposes or items with mechanical properties.

ABS can be more challenging to print with, due to its tendency to warp, especially where the object makes contact with the build plate. Applying a coating of "ABS juice" (a mixture of ABS and acetone) on a glass build plate can help greatly to reduce warping. While printing, ABS produces a smell of hot plastic, so proper ventilation is important.

While printing, ABS produces a smell of hot plastic, so proper ventilation is important.

ABS dissolves in acetone, so you can use a few drops of acetone to weld ABS parts together. You can also use acetone vapor to post-process ABS parts, creating a smooth, glossy finish.

Used by many manufacturers worldwide, Nylon (polyamide) is well-known for its impressive durability, high strength-to-weight ratio, flexibility, low friction, and corrosion resistance. Nylon is fairly flexible when thin, but also very strong. With its ability to withstand significant mechanical stress, Nylon is a great choice for 3D printing tools, living hinges, functional prototypes, and end-use parts.

Nylon is very sensitive to moisture absorption, so it is important to store nylon filament in a dry place with desiccant. If there is water uptake, you may need to take additional precautions to dry the filament before use.

PETG is a durable and strong thermoplastic which combines many desirable features from other plastics into one material. PETG offers similar mechanical properties to that of ABS while maintaining the ease of use of PLA. PETG has low thermal shrinkage in comparison to other materials making it a great choice for objects in which high levels dimensional accuracy is required.

ASA is a thermoplastic created to be similar to ABS, but with better weather resistance. ASA's combination of high strength and flexibility along with its superior UV resistance makes it ideal for printing objects which may be used in the outdoors or in industrial settings. Due to its high glass transition temperature, a heated bed is required to successfully print with ASA. For the best results when printing with ASA, a fully enclosed print bed is recommended.

Get the Quality Filament You Need

Nothing will impact your 3D printing results like the kind of filament you use. Good filament is highly consistent in diameter, is wound evenly onto the spool with just the right amount of tension, and will not tangle when being unwound. 3D Universe offers a wide range of high-quality filaments to choose from. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all filament we sell. If you have any problems, just send back the unused portion of the spool for a full refund. Check out our filament collection...

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