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Fuel 3D Scanify 3D Scanner

Point-and-Click Scanning Is Here

Fuel 3D Scanify 3D Scanner

Point-and-Click Scanning Is Here

Sold Out ($ 1,490.00)

SCANIFY® is the handheld 3D scanner that lets you point-and-click your scans, much like a digital camera. Simply position your target object, and take a series of scans from each side. The Fuel3D software then applies a series of data fusion processes over scan data to yield high-resolution 3D images.

The maximum object size is 8 inches by 12 inches, with a maximum scanning resolution of 350 microns. Typical scans will capture as many as 750,000 polygons.

Scanify is ideal for capturing: human form, fabrics, stone and masonry, wood carvings, sculptures, plants, flowers. In other words, Scanify is best suited for curvaceous or organically-formed objects.

Scanify Limitations

There are certain scenarios for which Scanify is not the best solution:

  • Objects with cavities or protrusions, that are only visible from one angle
  • Very dark objects, where the object will absorb light
  • Mono-color objects with no texture
  • Reflective or shiny objects
  • Transparent objects
  • Objects with sharp edges and corners
Advanced Features

Using an array of 3 Xeon bulbs synchronized within 100 milliseconds, Scanify is able to capture scan data quickly. This makes it suitable for scanning subjects that would tend to move during a scan i.e. humans.

Also, the Scanify was designed to be used foremost as a handheld device. Scanify is engineered to compensate for small movements of target objects which would normally disrupt a scan job.

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