XYZ Nobel 1.0A

Affordable SLA printing for parts with stunning detail

By XYZprinting

XYZ Nobel 1.0A

Affordable SLA printing for parts with stunning detail

By XYZprinting

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One-Year Warranty
Includes 500g bottle of clear resin

Nobel 1.0A is the second-generation stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer developed by XYZprinting that uses a precise UV laser system to cure photopolymer resins in astounding quality. Its new and improved hardware and its compatibility with different resin materials makes the Nobel 1.0A one of the most versatile and affordable SLA printers on the market.

XYZ Nobel 1.0A has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.

Easy to Use

The Nobel 1.0A is an easy-to-use SLA printer that produces exceptionally high-quality prints. Check out the getting started video to see how easy it is to setup and start your first print. The printer arrives fully assembled and reasy to use with minimal setup and calibration. The resin auto-fill function automatically fills the resin tank as needed, so you don't need to add resin manually. You'll be thrilled with the level of detail you can achieve with this printer! Check out the Gallery tab to see print samples.

Exquisite Details with a Stunning Finish

The Nobel 1.0A is a highly accurate, consumer-grade desktop SL Laser 3D printer with a print resolution up to 125 microns and a layer thickness of 25, 50, and 100 microns. It is designed to achieve superior print results for users of all levels at an affordable cost.

Closed Printing Area Ensures Home Use Safety

UV Laser 405nm Class 1 certification with Product Shell is safe for home use. The all-enclosed design protects users from ultraviolet rays during printing and ensures printing byproducts aren't released outside the printing area.

Auto-Refill Makes Printing An Easy Task

By improving the resin-filling mechanism, The Nobel 1.0A provides a stable SL printing quality so that users do not need to add liquid resin constantly throughout the printing process.

Standalone Printer

The Nobel 1.0A is a plug and play 3D printer featuring USB connectivity and a USB flash drive. Users can simply plug in a USB drive and press print. Your prints come out perfectly.

Each XYZ Nobel 1.0A Includes

  • XYZ Nobel 1.0A SLA printer
  • 500g bottle of clear resin
  • 8GB USB flash drive
  • USB printer cable
  • 3-inch putty knife (for print removal)
  • Alcohol rinse tank
  • One-year warranty

XYZ Nobel 1.0A SLA 3D Printer

Printing Technology SLA (Stereolithography)
Layer Thickness 25, 50 or 100 microns
Maximum Build Area 5" x 5" x 7.9"
Supported File Formats STL
Included Software XYZware Nobel

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