Raptor Hand by e-NABLE Assembly Materials Kit

By 3D Universe

Raptor Hand by e-NABLE Assembly Materials Kit

By 3D Universe


Unfortunately, due to a shortage of Lee Tippi Gel Grips, orders placed now will not ship until mid-February, 2019.
Includes enough materials for device sized at 100% through 160% scale
Made in the USA


This is an assembly materials kit - 3D PRINTED PARTS NOT INCLUDED

Raptor Hand by e-NABLE Assembly Materials Kit has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 22 reviews.

Be sure to also check out our Phoenix Hand by e-NABLE Assembly Materials Kit. The Phoenix design is easier to print and assemble and is currently e-NABLE's recommended design.

Check out our e-NABLE Designs Reference for links to STL files, instructions, video tutorials, and more.

This kit is compatible with both the Raptor and the Raptor Reloaded designs, both of which are available on Thingiverse.com.

Want to make a 3D printed mechanical hand? This kit is a great option for anyone with a 3D printer, looking to produce the Raptor Hand developed by the e-NABLE community. The models are freely available to download and print, but you will need additional assembly materials to put it together. If you have a 3D printer (or access to one) and can 3D print the parts, this kit contains everything else you need.

Each kit includes the following:

  • (4 feet) Velcro, double-sided (2” wide)
  • (8 feet) Non-flexible braided fishing line
  • (5 feet) Flexible elastic cord (1mm, for smaller hands)
  • (5 feet) Flexible elastic cord (2mm, for larger hands)
  • (6) Tensioner screws (extra small)
  • (6) Tensioner screws (small)
  • (6) Tensioner screws (medium)
  • (6) Tensioner screws (large)
  • (4) Palm velcro attachment screws with stop nuts (smaller size)
  • (4) Palm velcro attachment screws with stop nuts (larger size) 
  • (15) Palm velcro attachment screws (smaller size)
  • (15) Palm velcro attachment screws (larger size) 
  • (10) Lee Tippi Micro Gel Fingertip Grips
  • (12 inches) Firm Foam Padding (5 ¾” wide)

Important Notes:

  1. For a tutorial on the assembly process, please see our video here.

  2. For additional tutorials and instructions, please visit e-NABLE's Raptor Hand page or Raptor Reloaded page.

  3. A discount is available on these kits for e-NABLE members who are actively involved in the charitable fabrication of these devices. Email info@3duniverse.org for more details. 


Want to make a hand for someone who actually needs one? Please consider joining the e-NABLE community. It is a unique and wonderful group to be a part of. Get involved! It's wonderfully rewarding, and anyone can participate!

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